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  1. pvp Official server 45 Great alpha

    Still holds true about this server?
  2. SE 782 Down

    Thanks. Been around this block before. Waited about an hour, check here and twitter nothing posted so I did their "official" form. No response yet.
  3. SE 782 Down

    782 crashed earlier today and still isnt up. Looks like 782,783 and 784 are all down in that cluster.
  4. They have the new forum here for tribe recruitment. You could always try that out and see if you get in with a good group.
  5. Official server pvp 660 supply drops blocked

    They on top of vaults or have spikes around them? Most of the time if its only 1 vault you can jump to access.
  6. Any safe SE servers?

    Agree about the ghost towns. Most of the servers I checked this weekend were dead zones. Maybe start small and see if its wiped in a week or so.
  7. Any safe SE servers?

    Noticed the same. Most are a ghost town.
  8. new BRIDGE

    Looks great mate!
  9. How do you get plant X seeds?

    Take a bronto,beaver, etc to the swamp and do a run thru. Should collect more then you need.
  10. Redwood base

    You playing on a PVP or PVE server?
  11. Can Abandoned Dino's be Claimed on PVP?

    Understand that. Similar happened to our mate when he tried to merge into our tribe a year ago.
  12. Any safe SE servers?

    You can also try 782. No real issues, just don't build to close to Alpha and keep it cool.
  13. Can Abandoned Dino's be Claimed on PVP?

    On an official PVP server you could try a support ticket. The 8 days is only on official PVE.
  14. Long story short, got raided was able to save and egg and milk and bring back to the Island. Been raising the wyvern for 3 days now no issue pulling the milk out of the upload (official servers). Now after the patch late this evening my milk spoils as soon as I pull it out. I have salt in my inventory and been doing this for 3 days, now no go. Anyone else having these issues?