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  1. @Theocrates Yeah, removed all mods and let them reinstall then verified Game, one of the errors occurred, uninstalled then reinstalled. one of the errors occurs. Like I said it one of them that occurs and isnt consistent in the errors. Really wish there was a more informative crash logs so I can track it down myself. I think what it is might be an update messing with a mod or vice versa. But, it take SO long to get into SP and the game has been really weird as of late graphically. I'll be looking at a dino, structure, or element in the game and the texture and model would be high then switches to low res texture and model and streams back into the high quality. It puts a good strain on the computer when it does this. Yes I know there is a setting for something Occlusion, when your not looking at something for it lower the quality, but that shouldnt be happening when I'm looking at it or within a certain distiance from me. Plus, in SP without mods if I crouch while on structures I become stuck or if I run I suddenly act as though I hit a wall or bounce up a bit. I dont know anymore, I get the feeling they are trying to make SP harder to play unless you have two computers, one to run the server and one as client. I cant even move after loading for a good bit without me going from 50 to 2 fps and if it is doing a "stream" I dont lose frames unless I move. But, thanks for the reply tho
  2. Thx for the reply, but unfortunately now I cannot play ark. Keep getting unknown module errors and Loader Errors or as long as I stand still it runs fine but move and I go from 55Frames to 4 unless I use playersonly at which point I can move freely. Yes, I have gone through with no mods and through my mods, uninstalled/reinstalled and verified and Yes I can run the game at Epic settings, even have this issue on low settings usually keep on mid settings.. .So I can say yes that fixed the problem for the amount of time I was able to play SP, but now I cannot even get through the launch Single Player menu now. I'm this close to saying the hell with it and uninstalling and waiting till closer to release. Good luck on your project.
  3. I love this program BUT trying to spawn in any standard items like say Wood for that matter anything I get admincheat GiveItemNum 1 10 0 as the code. I have tried ImputSim and Clipboard and Windowed and Fullscreen.I have been using this for about a month now hoping to see an improvement, so far nothing has been done about it and I know on the steam page you have told of the problem, but nothing has been stated on the main topic on how to fix the issue. Looking through the files everything is here the program just doesnt code in the correct command. I have been making my own commands to combat this and making this program I can use. Just hope you fix this soon or at least before I complete my command list then it wont matter. Also do note that dino and most Mod commands do work properly though I wish some of the Mod commands allow editing the quality or at least work normally with command. I have to spawn the it then throw it out then edit the command to what I wanted, even though I used the sliders. Some ideas, A check simple check scan of the Mods folder to see what mods are installed so you I dont have look through things not installed. With this on mods it doesnt recognize it can try to formulate a command based on the current structure and files. Also how do you remove the ctrl spawn lootcrate for it, I dont see it anywhere for the option Can we the ability make specific loadouts, ie I'm building a metal base click the button and it runs 10 metal foundations, 10 metal walls, 10 metal ceilings. Or Food and water loadout, waterskin full and some meat, and whatever else someone can think of.
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