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  1. I am fairly sure it's a bug that this icon is on oil and it will be fixed in one of next updates
  2. PVP Auto decay configuration Is there any way to override default auto decay timers? I was trying all possible options in all .ini files and no change, it's always 30 days for dinos and about 14 days metal structures. If there is options what is option name, section name and .ini file name where it needs to be changed?
  3. Offline protection fine tunning It would be great if there were additional options for offline protection: - Timeout: after N days offline protection is disabled for a tribe (ideally few days before structures expire) so that people have a chance to raid and loot old base before they disappear from decay timer - .ini override for decay timers: Right now it's impossible to change how long it takes for various structures to expire - .ini override for "can be offline protected": Some very simple structures that are often spammed all around shores shouldn't be possible to be offline protected (wooden spikes, campfires etc.) - .ini override for "structure size" that can be offline protected: many tribes spam pillars and other stuff, there should be option that disable offline protection for all structures that connect in less than 10 structures (very small houses, pillar spam etc.), the minimal size of building so that offline protection works for it should be in .ini settings
  4. Hello, I was also looking for this for some time, there is no such a mod, because it can't really be made without access to core source code of the game. Current modding interface is not good enough to create a mod on such a scale. So simple answer is - now there is no such a mod, although it's theoretically possible to create it if modding interface had more API's for "botting" implemented (similar to DOTA bot interface for example). Mechanics for bots is something that would have to be implemented in core-game code.
  5. Feedback from long-time player Hi, This is an excerpt of somewhat negative feedback I give on my steam account that explain some core-issues this game has right now, I complain there about devs overlooking the reported issues, but I would rather make sure devs are made aware in more "official way" so I am posting this here to their forum as well: Here is the feedback itself If it's not obvious, what I suggest that would improve the game: Try to make official servers more friendly for people who have an actual life beside playing ark. Offline protection was a decent start in this area, but it's implemented in a way that ruins the original game - * the alliances are broken * people can resource starve others (blocking resources), nobody can use content from expired bases (why not just disable offline protection few days before auto-deleting all their structures?) * change the timers so that at least metal structures and tek expires after at least a month or two * implement some option where players who are playing for long time on server can flag themselves "on extended break from game", let say they could use this feature once after 6 months of playing there (for max two months). This flag would prevent offline expiration and also paused all other expirations (food, power, spoiling) These things shouldn't be way too hard to implement, at least for beginning, increasing the rates of metal and tek expiration for offline protected servers would be great
  6. Offline protection timeout Right now offline protection never expires AFAIK - can we add some .ini setting that would allow its timeout? Similar way as there is this option to allow anyone to demolish old structures - disable offline protection from old structures, so that structures of people who no longer play on server could be destroyed or raided by others? I know I can configure structure expiration so these structures are automatically deleted like it's on official servers, but I don't want that, some people might come back after months, on other hand it would make life easier for active players who are often annoyed by these old structures, such as taken oil veins etc. by players who might never come back but are offline protected forever.
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