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  1. Please have the servers auto restart once a day in the am for each time zone such as 2 am or whatever, whatever their am is, this will help kick off the afker's that sit on the servers when they arnt playing.
  2. that is out of control, ridiculous, yall need do something else with that.
  3. Hello devs, how many island servers do yall over, some people say its over 300, but yet you want to penny pinch by telling us threw dollie, we are monitoring se servers to see if we should add more, que system is broken, we wait for hours to get in, but yet yall dont want to add more se servers, ridiculous add more servers, i hope for the center yall got 200 to 300 servers ready.
  4. servers also not showing correct numbers, lot of servers are saying they are not full when they are also, fps drop and game playing like garbage.
  5. game plays hot trash if you are not on se, lot of glitching, shuddering, when it was fine the other day.
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