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  1. Just a quick settings question

    Doesnt seem to do anything over 14. Setting that number any higher than 7 has drawbacks. Levels of dinos start to exceed 1000, which causes them to be reset upon server restart.
  2. Server FPS question

    I believe I mentioned this before... I guess it wasnt here on the Ark Forums but your CPU provides minimal gains to your Ark Server. Ive had very old machines hosting ark servers that ran fantastic. Ive spent numerous hours hosting Ark servers since Ark has come out more than half of those hours were spent tweaking the engine. Several NON-Ark developers working with me to increase server performance. It took hours upon hours of tinkering to achieve 450+FPS on an ark server. However it does put a much heavier load on your CPU and uses significantly more ram. My highest achieved FPS on an empty ark server is 1248 My highest achieved working FPS for 47 people online is just over 400 All this talk about server affinity and server cores and highest CPU ghz, is mostly rubbish. Having a super epic cpu provides minimal gains. I would NOT recommend hosting many ark servers on the same pc. The player experience will quickly decline.
  3. Interactive ARK Maps

    This would be nice if it supported ragnarok
  4. ARK: Server Beyond API [Alpha] V0.8

    This is absolutely amazing. Why it is not more recognized is beyond me. This is extremely powerful. I wanted to thank you for the work that was put into this extension for ark. Does any instability come from using this , Cant it be used to do other things such as modify other things in game such as item stack sizes and such ?
  5. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Where do you get hateful ? I didnt tell him to kill himself, I didnt say I think his work is poop. If there is any reason to be hateful its towards you for being an idiot.
  6. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    What else do you want me to say. If I say its still broken., And it was broken before, Then it still doesn't work in the same way. Go cook poultry on the grill, Does nothing, Try to use Long bow, does nothing. If you cared to read my post prior it says one of the things that still do not work. When I say stuff, I am referring to many things that are still broken in the same way they were broken before. Helps to use your head just a little bit bud.
  7. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Post. Clients and server updated. Stuff still broken.
  8. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    I was one of the lurking patient types just watching , waiting, I actually enjoyed primitive plus alot, But as time has been passing. Its become more of one of those things I wish I never encountered. You post that you have fixed things. Important things, Such as the long bow accepting various types of arrows...some of the things you listed as fixed are not as fixed. They are still broken, still buggy. Still waiting to be fixed. I think with my post I will no longer be coming back to primitive plus if there isnt some serious traction being made. From my understanding you now work for Wildcard Studios. Youre making their team look awful. Get with the program and stop slacking.