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  1. What exactly would you need? I own a 2 maps Cluster (Nitrado)
  2. thank you very much @MirageUK for the super fast fix on the issue I was having, however I have another question, my server is hosted by Nitrado and am trying to connect to it through RCON with ASV but its asking for an RCON IP ADDRESS, I input the SERVER IP ADDRESS provided by Nitrado and my admin password as the RCON password but it fails, error says "expecting RCON IP Adress" or something along the lines... any ideas on this? I have tried with both the RCON Password given by Nitrado and my server's admin password which Nitrado said I should be using I have also heard something about a discord bot, how is that?
  3. I dont seem able to load my ark file, it always crashes, could be because of size? Am not able to upload the file here because of the size but here I leave a download link
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