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  1. So I just tried out my main velonasaur after this update, and now it is pretty much useless in a drop. Hit detection on its swing attack is all but gone, I was surrounded by rexes, spinos, carnos, and after a dozen swings I was able to kill maybe 2-3 of them. So you don't want the velonasaur to be able to damage big dinos while underneath them.......why not? And how is this something that you have only thought of weeks after release?! What testing was even done?! Spinos and rexes are too low to the ground so that if they are on too of you, you can't actually hit their legs and head because their undersized block the shots, so the velo becomes so ineffective it's laughable. Maybe it should be put in place for gigas, but excuse me for being happy about having a dino that can finally hope to counter that op bs of a wild giga. I am hoping against hope that the awefulness that is now the velonasaur is nothing more than an unintended bug due to the update, because if not being able to hit rex sized dino while right next to it is somehow your intended dream of what the velonasaur should be then I might just be done with this crap.
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