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  1. Just as an FYI, Enduro stews are supposed to be increasing melee damage - but due to a bug that has existed more than a year now, they do not. The same is also true for Battle Tartare - it increases your damage resistance, but not melee damage. In it's current state the only consumable that correctly increases melee damage is Beer (40%, tested), which is crap. No idea when they actually stopped working but it was around the time of Beer's release that I first noticed that they do not increase melee damage as per their in-game descriptions as I was testing how viable Beer was compared to them. They definitely used to increase melee damage as I have used them to boost melee damage in the past - way back when you could still stack Battle Tartare and Enduro Stew, and even after the patch that stopped them from stacking they were still working correctly.
  2. bug

    Bump. Could anyone else confirm that this is a legitimate bug? The lack of response is worrying.
  3. The short of it is that neither Enduro Stew nor Battle Tartare increase melee damage when consumed. Had no way to effectively test their other effects, so for all I know they're not working either. That's it. A simple bug that renders both essentially useless, and it's been around for a very long time. I have tested this on both a training dummy and a tamed dino to be sure and with either food there is 0 change in melee damage upon consuming them. FYI: Beer works, but it sucks. Pretty sure I reported this about a half a year ago (August last year I think), and yet it still exists as a bug in game. Surely this is like a 15 minute fix, why is it still broken?
  4. From what I've seen the Lumber, Reinforced stone, and Glass door all have the same durability and they all can be damaged by tools - so is there any reason to use one over the other? Also, will we be getting stronger doors any time soon since it's a pretty glaring weak-point in any base design? It's a bit disappointing that I can encase my base in brick and someone with metal tools and a few minutes to spare can still easily break through. The Dino and Behemoth gates also have the same weakness.
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, although it makes no sense if it's intended so I'm reporting it here. I have never seen a single Primitive+ blueprint that has a higher quality than base. IE: Every Pistol, Musket, Viking Axe etc. I have ever found a blueprint for had base durability and damage, effectively making cave diving underwhelming. The discrepancy is so great that my current Metal Sword does more damage than my Viking Axe, and my Crossbow does more damage than my Flintlock Pistol.
  6. Yeah I'm certain. Was testing with a metal sword and damage went from 90 to 126 on the training dummy, and from 72 to 100 on Dino's.
  7. Welp, never seen anything that terrifying but the trench just below lava island has pretty messed up spawns as well. In a short very run there I encountered about 6 Mosa's in close proximity, tons of Dunkleosteus's and hundreds of Angler's. Seriously, those anglers. I couldn't even see my Plesiosaur through them it was like a fish-cake. A horrid, glow in the dark, teeth-filled fish cake. Had to dismount and book it with the plesie on follow to get out of it (I have 1k oxygen so i could outswim anything but the mosa's). Plesie was left on 200 health... The ocean spawns on the center need some serious work.
  8. Not sure when it started (although it's been at least a few days), but the vast majority of melee-damage boosting items in the game are not working: Battle tartare increases movespeed and damages health, but gives no bonus damage Endure stew gives hp regen but no bonus damage Same thing happens with at least 1 primitive+ item (honey mead) (couldn't test the others due to them being uncraftable at this moment) Beer jar is currently the only item that actually gives bonus damage (40%). This was tested on 3 servers by using a training dummy as well as tamed Dinos (in case training dummy was broken - it's not): Single-player - no mods, Center Single-player - Primitive+ DLC, Center Online - Unofficial Primitive+ server, Center Surprised no one figured this out yet, as I very Melee-focused player I noticed it almost immediately since I was no longer able to 1v1 wild Rexes effectively. Guess people just assumed it was working and never actually tested it.