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  1. Well, thank you WC for providing a game I didn't even realize I would get so hooked on.


    When my friends first told me about ARK, I was like: "Aliens, dinos and humans? What kind of stupid game is that?" My friends showed the game to me, they talked about it and I was NOT interested or impressed. Then I watched a SotF stream and realized that you could tame a rex. And ride on it. And breed them as well. "I'm going to breed rexes", was what I thought after watching that stream and that was when I bought the game (after missing the sale of course) and have been playing it waaaaay too much since.


    The game have plenty of issues with performance and bugs, I have lost pets due to rocks spawning on top of them inside my base etc. etc., and I really don't agree with a lot of development decisions, but so far none of it has made me leave the game or even dislike it.


    I was a bit worried since the releases had slowed down so much and the content released was getting less and less. We watched the stream, me and my ARK crazy friends, on the 1st of September when you announced SE and I got super hyped, realizing what you had been working on in secret so to speak. The message to the community calms me further down as there's now an announced date (or ETA at least) of when the first tek tier gear will arrive to the game.


    I'm looking forward to what you guys have in store for us next and keep up the good work, and now I'm off to hopefully not die too much on SE.

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