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    Solitary and skittish during the day, the Euchambersia volunoctus undergoes a rapid transformation during the hours of the night. Like it's relative the Purlovia, these "Therocephalians" are carnivorous, though unlike the latter they do not hide underground and prefer to hunt their prey more actively. With a low-slung body and a cryptic patterning, it should come as no surprise that Therocephalians are ambush predators. They are incredibly patient hunters, slowly creeping right up to their prey before striking. 
    As if stealth and camouflage weren't enough, the Therocephalian is armed with a potent secret weapon. From glands beneath their cheeks they can produce a strong form of neurotoxin. Though not deadly outright, this venom directly attacks the nerves, causing excruciating muscle cramps and temporary paralysis. 
    Therocephalians will latch onto a victim with a vice-like grip and quite literally "chew" the venom into the flesh of their prey, before backing off to let the poison do its work. Once its prey has been subdied, the Therocephalian moves in to feed, oftentimes while the victim is still alive and conscious. 

    Despite their small size and rather fragile build, Therocephalians are highly sought-after by many tribes all across the island. Their low-slung profile means they are very hard to detect, making them excellent scouting mounts. A tamed Therocephalian's venomous bite can also be used to weaken opponents in combat, and has the added benefit of making afflicting animals more susceptible to torpor-inducing attacks! 

    In-Game Appearance and Function
    For appearances, I imagine the Therocephalian would be somewhere between a Purlovia and a Dire Wolf in size. They'd be somewhere inbetween in terms of speed and physical power, possessing the normal bite and scratch attacks alongside a powered-up bite which would apply their venom. 
    In short, the Therocephalian would function like a scout/support mount. Their low profile makes them harder to spot, effectively immune to the marking abilities of other animals like the Snow Owl or the Dire Wolf. They can enter a "stalking" mode, which would slow their movement speed while drastically reducing the range that AI could spot them from. Entering this mode while a certain distance from an enemy would cause them to lose aggro. This would also allow them to move much closer to active turrets and aggressive tames before being spotted. Using this ability, the Therocephalian might make for a good scouting mount when approaching an enemy base or stealing eggs from an angry creature. 
    The venomous bite is where the Therocephalian really shines. Their venom would cause a specific debuff depending on what you are attacking. When attacking tamed animals, the Thero's bite causes weakness and a slower stamina regeneration.
    When attacking wild animals, the Thero applies a debuff that makes torpor-inducing attacks far more effective. If you take a Therocephalian to help you with a tame, you could turn a 100-dart slog into a quick, efficient experience. 

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