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  1. Can confirm 100%. I've lost 76 rexes and 4 yutis, so i decided to be smart and move to island
  2. What about velonas and their tail swipe?
  3. Try upload your char and download it in your server again. Happened to me once, hope this fixes it to you
  4. I'd bet on therizinos for solo with a lot of veggie cakes. Hard work but safe. Velonas are almost useless dismounted, at least against bosses
  5. Are you on multiplayer? I have friends that duplicated their chars after ascensions. The original stay at one server and can acess everything, while the other is just like you, can't do anything.
  6. Talvez seja sua internet? Explica melhor. Tive esse mesmo problema quando troquei de provedor. Voltei pro anterior e funcionou normalmente
  7. You need a lvl 100 to activate the teleport pad, anyone whatever the lvl, will be teleported. For Rockwell only lvl 100
  8. Try upload/download It. Works for me
  9. How can i clone a phoenix on official? I tried a lot ?
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