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  1. Singleplayer PS4 game without using creative mode.
  2. RadiantBlader

    A Jack Hammer

    I was talking about this less than a week ago with some of my Twitch viewers. I'm predicting it will be in the last DLC everyone thinks is coming.
  3. I have no desire to get jumped by a thyla and go sailing into the radioactive zone when I am completely unprepared. I literally never want to see them on Aberration.
  4. RadiantBlader

    Rock Drake Gliding Issue (Bug?)

    I have also noticed this issue on console. It almost got one of mine killed on Aberration when I was trying to escape the radiation zone.
  5. RadiantBlader

    Parasaur TLC Idea

    Bump because I want to know more people's opinions on this.
  6. RadiantBlader

    Ark Realistic Dinos Overhaul Official Mod

    The major issue I see them having with this is the fact that 'realistic' dinosaur appearance and abilities change almost constantly. They would have to update at least every year just to keep up, and that wouldn't be worth it, especially after game balance is taken into account. The other problem is that none of the animals in the game are really supposed to be 'realistic' representations of those creatures. Pretty much everything in the game has significant departures from what it would have actually looked like, which is done on purpose to represent the fact that the ARKs, in terms of lore, are supposed to be some form of evolutionary experimentation area, kind of like a zoo, but run by mad scientists. Normally, I'd be with you on this, but the game is specifically designed to not be realistic.
  7. RadiantBlader

    Parasaur TLC Idea

    There have been numerous ideas for some sort of hitching post to be added to the game, as a way to let dinosaurs be wandering without having them disappear, but what if the Parasaur was updated to fill this role instead? In most cases, herbivores that stay in herds will have a lookout or sentry of some sort to warn the rest of the group of danger. The Parasaur could have a Sentry Mode that, when activated, enables wandering on all other animals currently following it, allowing them to move about within a certain radius. Of course, adding the ability to actually alert friendly creatures to danger would be a logical addition with this, but I feel like even without that, Parasaurs would be far more meaningful this way.
  8. RadiantBlader

    Valentine event on single player

    I don't know, that's why I asked.
  9. RadiantBlader

    Valentine event on single player

    What about on console?
  10. Does anyone know how to do this? I looked around, but couldn't find anything. Really want the chocolate boxes.
  11. RadiantBlader

    video Got a question?

    I've been following this game practically since launch, and there is something I have noticed in that time: People ask the same questions a lot. So, I have decided to post here and offer my assistance. If you have a question about ARK, or just dinosaurs in general, post it here or send it to my Twitter @RadiantBlader. Next Friday, February 9th, I will put up a video response answering as many questions as I can. Also, don't worry about what kind of question it is. Even if you just want to know how to pronounce something, that's fine.
  12. RadiantBlader

    Glider Suits

    That was there since launch. This is what I'm talking about.
  13. RadiantBlader

    Aberration Bugs

    Rock Drake currently has a weird bug where if you don't switch to 'walk mode' before dismounting, it will cause 'run mode' and 'glide mode' to be de-synced, so that gliding happens when walking, and sprinting just jumps. Second, I don't know what caused it, but at one point, the pools of Element in the radioactive zone became super-bright. Brighter than the sun on the other maps. Definitely something that should be looked into. Third, I discovered that logging out and logging back in while on the surface(I was transferring items) causes your character and any dinos with you to gain the Sunlight debuff. It doesn't do damage, but it does destroy armor and won't go away until you go back underground and relog again. Finally, there is a glitch where if you are using climbing picks, then use the glider suit, the climbing picks won't actually climb. The game will show you the green line, but it won't let you go up. Putting the climbing picks away and bringing them back out makes them work again, but it can still result in your character dying.
  14. RadiantBlader

    Aberration Missing Creatures List

    I have no desire to be assaulted by a thylacoleo at the edge of a cliff and be sent plummeting into the radioactive zone when I'm not prepared for it.
  15. RadiantBlader

    livestream NYE Fireworks

    Shooting off fireworks now. Come watch! https://www.twitch.tv/radiantblader