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  1. MASTERS of RAGNAROK is a PvPvE server. We strive to cultivate a friendly community that welcomes new players and accommodates different styles of gameplay. Features ORP2 for offline raid protection. Balanced server economy, supporting a variety of trades. The marketplace at Jinx Point (Viking Bay) is a PvP safe zone. Player-supported trading, with a variety of Player Trader tables. An active admin with a focus on game balance and community. Server Details Map: Ragnarok Connection URL: steam://connect/ IP Address: Mods: 11 Multipliers: x5 Tame Speed, x2 Crafting XP Max Tribe Size: 5 Survivors Tribe Tame Limit: 50 (boats included) Structure Decay: Enabled Dino Decay: Disabled Timezone: Pacific Standard Age Requirement: 18+ Server Policies By playing on MASTERS of RAGNAROK, you acknowledge and accept the following policies. Be respectful. No racism, sexism, or other hateful nonsense. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Saddles for flying beasts are uncraftable (but are available at Jinx Point Market). Never raid the same base more than once per week. Never restrain someone (i.e. handcuffs, traps, and cages) for longer than 30 minutes, and never more than once per week. Do not build near cave entrances, obelisks, or crate drops. Losses due to game glitches will not be compensated. Report policy violations to the Policy Violations discussion thread. Policy violations may result in warnings, property destruction, and/or blacklisting. Server Reboots The server usually reboots twice a day. Once at 12 noon (PST), and whenever Studio Wildcard pushes updates (usually around midnight). Larger updates may increase wait times. Stay alert, stay alive.
  2. You’ve conquered the land, the air, and the sea. You’ve built monumental bases, tamed a dozen gigas, and harvested more resources than you know what to do with. After thousands of hours poured into this highly addictive game -- are you looking for something different? MASTERS of RAGNAROK is designed to be a more brutal and strategic experience, where the engine of adventure is wealth and glory, and the wilderness is always ready to devour you whole. Engrams have been restructured to concentrate players into specialties -- like a farmer, builder, blacksmith, or alchemist. Our custom-tailored settings amplify the need for cooperation, thus creating a more social dynamic. Tribes prosper by balancing engrams across members. Lone wolves will find the game more challenging. Players are limited to primitive engrams. By limiting the availability of technology, marketplaces become an important game mechanic. This dynamic creates a recurring demand for trade goods -- thus fueling the economy. Players must band together to ply profitable trade routes and build new outposts. The demand for wealth and technology provides a more dynamic middle-game. There are only 10 player levels. By shrinking the role of levels, we intensify the need for cooperation. This normalization of mortality boosts the importance of tribes, tames, technology, and cunning. MASTERS of RAGNAROK is based on a vision. If you’re starting to see that vision, we encourage you to stop by and help create an experience -- and a community. --- We've recently opened, so we're very low pop. If you're frontier-minded, visit the Players' Guide for more information.
  3. Hey, folks

    My name's Phil, and I'm new to these forums. Another Ark fanatic, fo sho. Where would it be appropriate to advertise my server? Thank you!
  4. Everybody poops.