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  1. The Ceratosaurus would be a medium sized carnivore and would be a little bit taller then a carno. The Ceratosaurus can be found around the top of the map. Taming a Ceratosaurus can be a bit tricky tho. The way to tame a Ceratosaurus is to find one and get it to chase you on foot (no riding of creatures) let it chase you till it’s starts to tire and stops and pants for a few seconds. Run up to it while it is in this state and feed it rotten meat, that being its favorite food not counting any kibble and this will come back soon. The Ceratosaurus will then start chasing again and you must repeat the steps till done. Its taming effectiveness is effected by you ignoring and not getting to the Ceratosaurus in time before it becomes Aggro again. Now after taming it, there a few things it can do to help you. The first thing Ceratosaurus is able to do is have an infectious bite that can have a creatures sick or do more damage. The bite will not work tho if there is no rotten meat in its inventory tho. The Ceratosaurus second ability is a a thrashing charge. If you hold the left mouse button, instead of a normal bite it will go into a charge and rampage and start biting everything and destroying rocks, trees, and other things in its path. The creatures stam will drain fast but it will give you constant damage if hitting a target. It’s last ability is it’s sniff. When pressing c the cerato will sniff and then will show markers around your screen. The sniff can help you smell bombs, max level Dino’s, dead bodies, and rare resources. The controls for cerato are left mouse-bite, hold left mouse-thrashing charge, right mouse-Tail swipe, c-sniff. Now that we’re done with abilities let’s get into the saddle. The saddle would have a big axe like structure on the nose of the cerato so it can harvest wood and stone when in thrash. The saddle would also have you in a big metal cage and would prevent flyers grabbing you off your saddle, micro raptor and purlovia can’t throw you off your saddle, theri can’t damage you from your saddle anymore. Ceratosaurus overall would be a amazing introduction on ragnarok in my opinion and I hope you like my idea so good bye. (Never finished my drawing do it’s not done if you noticed)
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