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  1. Old gen could still run ASE it was just buggy as hell. ASA should have NO problem on current gen even Series S because if you knew what you were talking about like you think you do then you’d know the talk around poop not working on Series S has been disproven time after time after time. The reason Baldur’s Gate 3 (which is a garbage game and franchise anyway) isn’t on Xbox is because there’s slight adjustments they’d have to make and are just too lazy to pull their heads out of their asses. I own both Series S and X and the performance difference is minuscule. In fact the only real difference between the consoles is slightly worse graphics on the S. Tons of devs who aren’t lazy say the Series S is beneficial for them and praise the console.
  2. Can’t wait till the Rhyniognatha is added to the game and it’s the size of a dung beetle lmao. People do realize that just because the initial post says it’s huge doesn’t mean Wildcard is gonna actually make it big at all right? The original post is a SEVERELY exaggerated sizing of the real world bug and Wildcard certainly isn’t gonna make it anywhere close to as big as people expect.
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