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  1. Electrical Storms and Generators Hi, do all of the generator types get powered off during an electrical storm? Thanks.
  2. Increase plant x damage to players? Hi, I got a prim+ server and I cant figure out how to make my plant x deal more damage to players. Does anyone know if its possible? Thanks for any help.
  3. Yes I realize u cant have a mutation have 0/20 on both sides. Its mom was 0/20 paternal and 1/20 maternal and the father was 0/20 maternal and 0/20 paternal. The baby got 1/20 on both sides and was a female. I guess I'm getting it but I thought that baby couldn't get a 1/20 on the paternal side since its a female and its father had 0/20 on both sides.
  4. but that base male with the hp and melee was a 0/20 out of 0/20
  5. So if a dino gets a useless stat or any stat in particular it will get a counter tick 1/20 correct or will it not sometimes if it's like a speed stat. Also I play on a 300 boosted dino server is there a certain dino level I have to stop at if I'm getting 2 levels per mutation. Or maybe should I try taming levels instead of 300s.
  6. Hello everyone, I was playing around on single player just to get a better understanding about breeding. So I spawned in two ankylo's one with good hp and the other with good melee. After breeding those two together a few times, I was able to get a male (for reference sake I'll call it M hp + melee) and female (F hp + melee) with both the hp and melee. So when I began breeding those for mutations, I got a female with a melee mutation and breed it back with "M hp + melee", and for whatever reason I cant figure out the baby was a female and got 1/1 on maternal and 1/1 on paternal. Is this just a random bug? I was under the impression that if I focus on one mutation stat like melee, as long as I get melee mutated females I can just keep breeding it back with the "M hp + melee" and have that paternal side 0/0. Thanks for any help.
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