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  1. Lol Wild Card, the worst making decision team ever. First, shutting down official servers, now partnering with Nitrado, the worst game servers ever hahahaha ByeBye WildCard, you got all, and you gonna lose all.
  2. Losing our progress and then paying to play the same game to start from zero again. I'm out. I'll be enjoying ASE until August and then byebye. At least I hope the saves from the server shutdown work well, I'd like to have them but I'm not going to play single player. If I can migrate data from the 80s and 90s to 2020s technology in my job, you can do it with the saves too. They are not that old. But you don't want to do it.
  3. Also...If he had spoken too soon, why didn't anyone say it wasn't true?
  4. Ok, not free, but what about deleting all our progress? That's the part I hate the most. F*ck WC.
  5. So no one from WC gonna say anything? This is easy. They are out of money because ARK 2 is still being delayed and now they pretend we buy again the same game so they get money. But the worst part of this is "we have to delay ARK2 because UE5 is new technology" also "We gonna launch ARK Remastered in UE5 in 5 MONTHS!" Do you think we are that stupid? The only way I'll buy ARK again is if I can still play with my char and my base and dinos in ARK remastered. But if you gonna delete all my work in the game and still think I gonna buy it again...OMG I hope this is your end as a game company if all of this is true. How do you think we gonna trust you now? Are you going to delete again all our progress when you need money again so you can sell it again as a new remaster or whatever?. Who did in WC think this gonna be a good idea? I hope this is a joke but it doesn't look like it is. And there are more. If ARK is still an unfinished game full of bugs...How many bugs gonna have ASA? The last thing I can say, WC you have (and now we can say you had) a community you didin't deserve.
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