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  1. I agreed that I would love to see SoTF return and I do agree with Dolan on pretty much every single one of his points. Not only should they keep NA, they should add asians servers aswell. However I was under the impression SoTF was out of WC's hands and Snail Games are working on it for Ark Park? This articles seems to state that anyways. -> http://massivelyop.com/2018/03/30/gdc-2018-ark-parks-snail-games-on-vr-science-and-the-future-of-the-franchise/
  2. Like everyone else sorry if a suggestion like this has already been posted. I'd like to see a server that had a "pubg-like" ring that closes the playing area. But unlike sotf or pubg it was like normal se. The ring would move slowly over a day and then stop for a day giving tribes the chance to build up for the next push. So the objective would be making sure you're tribe has beds inside the ring so you can respawn. Rates should be relatively high (3x maybe) and dino levels lower than on official (max 60ish). Server runtime should be until one tribe remains. And after a week the ring should be super tiny. I think this would make for some interesting pvp as people have to reloacate their FOB's to stay inside the ring.
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