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  1. I see... I play on a small server with a handfull of friends which explains why I didn't see the tame cap issue. It seems the best way to deal with this is to disable cryopods on my server. I understand how important this might be to keep official servers going. I would like to keep cryopods as some kind of tekgram though, but I think I would have to mod the server for that...
  2. I agree that they alleviate the dino cap problem in a meaningful way. But do I really need access to them before I can even ride a Rex? The "Server Configuration" page on the wiki says that official servers have a tribe tame cap of 500. I don't know how I would even manage to tame 500 dinos before reaching Tek tier. I am complaining about cryopods that can be unlocked at level 51 and crafted for basically nothing (canteens require more polymer!). I actually think that Tek tier cryopods are a great idea. It's exactly the kind of tech I would want to unlock at that stage of the game!
  3. "Ones you don't have time to get back to the base after taming" "tiny bases near caves and resources whose only purpose is to store dinos until you use them next time you are in that area" Both cases I consider to be part of ARK's core gameplay. You tame a dino, you transport it back to base. You want to farm the resources in a specific place, you build an outpost to hold the farming dinos. ARK is an open world game. This means everything happens on a single interconnected map (for the most part). Your perspective seems to be that ARK might as well give up on that, because people can't be bothered to travel and transport. That's fair enough, it's just not the kind of game I thought ARK was. What's the point of the enormous size differences between dinos if you can stuff as many Brontos into a cryofridge as you can Compys? What's the point of the huge map you would have to transport dinos across if you can just cryopod all of them, basically for free, and hop on your Pteranodon? They might aswell turn ARK into a Pokemon game where you walk around with your dinos in your pocket and only release them whenever you need to. Again, if that's the game you want to play then that's fine, but I personally think this is destroying core mechanics of the game.
  4. Should cryopods be this easy to obtain? I can create a new character on The Island, get to level 51, and suddenly I can transport any number of Brontos on my Pteranodon, using something the looks like Tek tier equipment, yet requires two metal and a some polymer to craft. Tek Tier is a thing, so why not make cryopods a tekgram? Why can I craft them from materials I can obtain before level 50? Why can I unlock cryopods before flak armor?! I read on the wiki that they used to be an Extinction-only engram, but the Valguero release made them available on all maps. Maybe this was unintended? It all seems so out of place...
  5. I have only started playing again after the 280.130 update, so I don't know when it started occuring. If the issue was introduced in the latest update, as you guys say, then hopefully the Devs are already aware of it and it's going to be fixed as soon as they manage.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I don't mean to annoy the Devs but I want to make sure they know about this issue, so the more people talk about it the better.
  7. I have a dedicated server hosted by Nitrado. My crops are only growing when I am online and nearby. I thought this might be a new bug, but I wanted to ask around if it's actually a server setting I've missed, just in case. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to make some noise about this so we can get it fixed in due time.
  9. Always good to know I'm not alone with this, thanks for the reply. Are you playing on Ragnarok, too? Or does this happen on other maps as well?
  10. I have already submitted a bug report for this, but I would like to hear your opinion on it: I play on a dedicated server (Nitrado) with my friends. The map is Ragnarok and we use no mods. I realized after some fairly extensive testing that my crops (Narcoberries, Mejos, Veggies) are not growing (up) or producing any berries/veggies while I am offline. The same would presumably be the case if I were to walk far enough away, although I have not tested that. Has anyone else noticed this as of late? I would greatly appreciate anyones feedback on this. I have always relied on this aspect of farming because it means I can get some resources even though I don't always have time to play. Therefore I immediately noticed this change. There is a small chance that it has always been this way and my memory is completely betraying me. This is why I am making this post in addition to submitting a bug report. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
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