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  1. You prob need to contact support via a ticket I'm guessing. Or maybe xbox or steam depending on your platform. It should be tied to your account.
  2. Ok, my mistake. I thought you were describing the initial upload process not what was occuring after you already selected the target server. From what other people have said around the bugs forum, submitted a ticket should get you fixed. It might just take a little while before you get a response.
  3. So you were in SE, you went to an obelisk or drop, uploaded your character right? It brings up the beds thing because your character is now no longer on that server, so its the same as if you connected it to for the first time. At this point your character is basically in server limbo between servers. You need to connect to the server you want to move the character to now. I believe (but not sure, as I have not done it myself) be an option to download the character you uploaded when you connect to the target server you wanted to move to.
  4. Thanks! That's what I needed to know. Is there a separate one for the level 80 sea crates as well?
  5. How do I do caves seperate from normal beacons? Is it a different identifier or do they share? I'm getting conflicting information between this thread, and a big thread on reddit about the issue.
  6. at work, wishing I was in ARK instead. :(

  7. There needs to be an option to tell your loot crate to just randomize everything thats a craftable item in the game, or something simliar. So we dont need to make an entry for every single thing. I'd be happy with just changing all my beacons to a simple random pull of any possible item, and maybe only the quality or quantity of items being affected by the level of the crate. So you could still get an assault rifle or blueprint for it from any beacon color, but it would never be better then primitive in a white, but for say a red beacon could be as low as journeyman, but not higher then master. If I'm understanding this thread correctly the only way to achieve that would be to make an entry for EVERY single item in the game, for each beacon, etc. Oooof! Honestly at this point I'd be happy if the devs could give us the code for all the current default settings, so I can make some minor changes and alter some crop plots and compass entries...
  8. Ugh. I really wish this sexy new option for server admins wasn't as complicated as this. I was really hoping for something much simpler to work with to just make some minor changes to the drops. I really hope someone writes a tool or puts up a website where we can just easily plug some numbers and items in some boxes and have it generate the config code for us.
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