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  1. I think its time to stop letting these alpha tribes be the only ones that get to enjoy this game... so here is my new mission... I want to set up the most ultimate alpha tribe that has or will ever exist on the original Ark.... I need people to join and when we fill one tribe we will just make another tribe and fill that... We will work to go to every server on the game and DECIMATE the alpha tribes on every server and once they have been totally destroyed we will move on and keep destroying... No longer is there going to be tribes that are untouchable... Im here to lead the future of this dying game into a final conclusion and that is to END the rain of those that feel so comfortable.... If your willing to be loyal to the cause then join my discord... you can download it on a phone if your on console but we need to stay organized so join me (links below) and lets cause havoc to those that think they are untouchable... https://discord.gg/pwXjfsBcm9 share with your friends and recruit First meeting starts on July 5th 2022
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