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  1. Extinction 463 transfers disabled Since this morning (maybe yesterday too) transfers have been disabled. Anyone know why?
  2. Try to find one near the city edge, and then place spikes around the gasbag after its knocked out.
  3. You should get some velos and put them around the base. There are always sausageheads sadly.
  4. It might have been because your config file in ark folder is set to read only.
  5. wyverns have max level of 190, most other dinos 150 and tek 180. EDIT: on official.
  6. Sometimes when I walk over one too fast, it opens but I don't get the xp boost, so I need to relog so my game sees it as unopened again. Make sure when you are walking over it to stay on it until you have gotten the dossier pop up.
  7. You should try to record it and then send it to wildcard
  8. So, I play on extinction 463 and the server has been down for quite some time. I got baby outside but have to head to sleep and if the server doesn't start up again and my babies die, is it possible for me to make a ticket?
  9. You can use them without engram, but pinlock them because I heard if they are not pinlocked, other people can acces them. Also, I did alpha ragnarok 3 days ago or so and it did NOT unlock the engram. I hope this helps
  10. Hello, I'm looking for trading discords on official PVE and PC. If you know any please let me know.
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