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  1. Gathered items being removed

    I can confirm this is happening to me as well on the server I play on. The server is currently playing the most recent Primitive +. I hope this issue is resolved soon. It certainly is annoying to say the very least.
  2. Bloom of SM4 is blinding (v241)

    I'm using SM4 and Direct X 10. I hope this issue gets resolved very soon. So hard to play while being blinded.
  3. Bloom of SM4 is blinding (v241)

    I too am experiencing this same issue I just finished a reddit post about it. I just logged in for the the first time today after the 241.2 patch and there is unbearable glare around the island. I play on an unofficial dedicated server and we certainly did not have this issue last night. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? If so please post about it and hopefully we can get a dev response. Thanks! I've post some examples below. http://imgur.com/a/hJbIq