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  1. 4 hours ago, Duffmek said:

    but did no work to make them that was the point and i wasnt sure on the payment if any as i said (afaik) so ty for correcting me however i do remember some controversy with the S+ mod been used

    Yea they did work on them. They cleaned up a ton after they bought them. I played those maps when they were mods and there were tons of differences. Places where they optimized the maps, patched holes, added content or changed it. I.E, they had professional level designers go through and work on it for weeks before they launched. The historical comments should be here or on steam. 

    S+ was brought into the base game and some elements were not appropriate (too easy) for it so they were cut. That’s why the mod was open sourced and the option to turn off the integrated version on unofficial so the mod didn’t conflict. 

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  2. On 4/8/2023 at 4:43 PM, Duffmek said:

    ok u seem to be misinformed .. those 'free' maps where designed by modders not working with WC and WC used them - also an upgrade to the game included a quite a few bits from a mod called S-plus and gave the creator nothing (afaik)

    I am glad u had lots of enjoyment with your brother i have had similar with lots of friends and my own wife and son - and no there is afaik no game quite like this.

    Dude, they PAID them for the mods. Several of them such as the guy that made S+, the guy that made the center map, and the crystal isles creators even hired by Wildcard. 

    IIRC the center was bought for between 40&60k. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Naeris890 said:

    my pc is $2.3k-ish and ark is a lot more than 80 gig and there where only 4 dlc maps that i had installed under your logic each map would be 40 GB each which is a stupidly big number for a map as most full games are less than that and have full game engines and poop

    My whole hdd is only 250G, yet I can fit the base game, dlc maps and mods on it.

    Do a clean install, no mods or DLC maps and see for yourself. Most games are not as big or detailed as Ark, but those that are similar are of similar size  Conan for example has a similar size to the base game  

    If you have Ark taking up more room check your mods directory. Some of them get huge. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Naeris890 said:

    normally new content is great for a game but somehow wildcard manages to screw it up like it does everything(HOD, Manas, Characters, etc)

    ark is at a point where it is almost unplayable from bugs and it is optimised so poorly that i cant even install it due to its file size of 240+ GB instead of distracting the community by releasing new content they should fix the problems with their game and make it so that you don't need an insanely high-end gaming machine that you spent over $5k on for ark to run decently well. As when it takes me over 24 hours to install at my peak internet speed (its 5ghz and nbn) and has a poopty physics engine and raptor tonnes of bugs you get to a stage where you just wish they would fix their game as $60 for the base game and another $30 for each DLC you'd think that EA made it except EA makes games that aren't broken and full of bugs.

    Ark isn't that large, ~80ish gig. The DLC maps are what takes up so much room. Just turn off the ones you are not playing  in steam and you can install. 

    If you spent $5k and can't run Ark on  you wasted your money. I play on much less hardware, and even on streaming services and don't have any problems.

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  5. 3 hours ago, BERSERK3R said:

    Good for you for being so positive!

    You do realise that new content will be bad for the game and be only fun when it first releases, and hypes?

    Do you even remember Extinction, how it BROKE the game, features, creatures, etc. etc. people lost characters, bases, etc. because the dome was broken?
    This is typical Wildcard, get content out, break the game.
    You don't realise what consequenses this has for the game, and its community?
    Just wondering, as you praise Wildcard for putting visuals above stability and balance....

    It wasn't nearly as bad as you make it out. Sure there were some initial issues but it was completely playable, especially depending on where you built. 

    Plenty of people are excited for new content and are NOT AFFECTED by the current issues. Some of us DON"T CARE about the official servers because we run our own, and police them way better than WC. In fact most of the Ark community is on unofficial servers and more specifically PVE unofficial servers. The balance/issues you are discussing are largely unnoticed for the majority of the players. 

    I would much prefer that they work on delivering content as well as fixes because without new content the game gets boring. There is a whole section of the community that you are ignoring that has been begging for new content, especially the console side. 



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  6. 3 hours ago, Xylom said:

    What's "Shadow"?

    Its a game streaming service. (shadow.tech) The best way to think of it is as a gaming PC in the cloud. I have been playing ARK for a couple of years now using either GForce Now or Shadow and it works really good. 

  7. 11 hours ago, BigBry said:

    Will any of this be coming to console because console starts get plain after 2000+ hours of gameplay

    Speaking as a big console gamer, it's probably better to invest in a gaming PC, or a service like Shadow. Console games are not known for great mod support since mods are 1) third party and 2) would have to go through the console certification process.

  8. 1 hour ago, ArkP1 said:

    The difference is that it’s now easier to kibble tame a giga than it is to find an ovis on the island. I’ve never bothered to tame a bronto for eggs because the beaches are usually filled with them. That made sense when it was for a sabertooth, but now you’re better off STARTING with a giga, as opposed to it being more of an endgame tame. The difference is pretty significant when it’s easier to get and make the kibble for a giga than most other tames. The only thing hard about the exceptional kibble is the complete game-killing boredom of standing at a cooking pot making chili for hours.


    Not to mention, Griffins are just base decorations because if you have access to wyvern eggs to obtain eggs for kibble, you don’t need a Griffin. I’m still scratching my head to figure out how we are going to get wyvern eggs once we get to Ragnarok, because we spent a lot of time taming allos to get kibble, to get Griffins, so we could get wyvern eggs. Now everything is completely backwards, so yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty big “difference.” I’d say the powers that be really screwed the pooch. 

    Or just tame some hespornis, no wyverns required. Or mutton tame them. Kibble isn’t required to get a griffin that is good enough to get eggs easy. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Migol said:

    I'm glad that there's finally some mention of the PVE tame cap, even if it's babysteps toward acknowledging the problem now.

    2) Lack of a storage option for dinos or a way to get kibble eggs without the dinos.     An advanced tribe is incentivized to get at least 2 (and probably more) of each egg laying dino in order to move up the tame ladder.   Then they're incentivized to KEEP those egg layers afterword, because you might need that kibble for imprints.    Those dinos serve zero purpose other than the occasional eggs.    


    Solving #2 as I allude is actually a pretty simple matter: We really need some kind of (tek?) storage device that will let us upload a dino as stored data without having it degrade in 24 hours, or get us eggs without needing to keep the dino.     This would have the double bonus of not only helping the cap, but also lowering the load time for big bases where you have a Noah's Ark worth of 2+ of every type of animal that has to be slowly loaded and placed along with their buildings.


    #2 is coming in Extinction with the cryochamber. Jen talked about it in the livestream. As long as you keep it powered the dino's don't degrade.

  10. The point of the mod program is to get high quality mods for Ark. They *pay* the sponsored mod authors to develop the mods as long as they are working on it and they are hitting their goals. Its always been about a partnership with the modders. They talk about it in the announcement.

    I know its not what the people on console want to hear, but the mods have always been a huge part of Ark. They are not going to abandon such a large part of the community just because some platforms don't support mods. Unfortunately, that's a thing with consoles, and has been since I have been gaming.  

    To be honest, the quality of mods jumped tremendously once they started the program. Over the years I have had several issues due to the mods running on my servers. Much less so with the sponsored mods.

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