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  1. Lucian

    Saving PVE The monotonous Cycle!

    This makes no sense. WC support uses those same commands when responding to tickets on official servers. Are you saying they are cheating when a GM provides support? Additionally, lots of unofficial servers are setup to avoid the official community, and play with people they know. Not everyone wants to be part of pillar spam central. Your whole rant comes off as some self entitled kid who wants everyone to see the world their way. If you want to play with the decor mods, then get a PC and do so. Being a sponsored mod =\= being put onto official servers. I think you missed the whole point of the program.
  2. Lucian

    Good job making PvE actually PvE!

    I second this. Thyla climbing up to get you on a rock would be awesome. One of of the first mods I played was a Dino overhaul mod that had the Dino’s sprint. It was terrifying. The first Dino I found was a Rex on the western shore. I didn’t even have a chance.
  3. Lucian

    Group management on Mac

    No, you won’t be able to change the bindings. Just like how you select a group in the menu, pressing the number of the group will select it. Once selected the group whistles will apply only to that group. Pressing the number of the group again will deselect it and allow the whistles to target all Dino’s.
  4. Lucian

    Group management on Mac

    Being on a Mac doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s the fact that your keyboard doesn’t have a number pad. You can use the menu to control the groups. It’s the Dino foot symbol to the right of tribe governance. However, it’s better in the long run to get an external mouse and wired keyboard. I use the Apple keyboard with the number pad.
  5. As people have said before, those are only irreversible on official. Most of the player base is on unofficial where that is easily fixed. People whine all the time about "game breaking bugs" when they aren't game breaking. A lot of the time they don't impact a significant portion of the player base. The transfers mentioned earlier. Annoying, but not game breaking. The great dino nerf (1st one), flyer nerf and other design changes are not game breaking either. Not having an option to revert it doesn't make it game breaking. Annoying maybe that you don't get to change it, but most games don't even come close to the customizations that ARK gives you out of the box. Its pure entitlement to think that the players are owed some kind of setting because of a design change during development.
  6. Lucian

    Is Leedsichtys still in the game ?

    Which map are you playing on?
  7. Lucian

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I really don't think that is the case. I think its a lot more that the official PVP is too much work. For example a busy parent has to juggle a job, kids, spouse and gets a limited amount of time to play. Games are a fun luxury for relaxing when we have down time. At no point do I or the other parents on my server want to spend our time being a "farm slave" to get permission to experience what we can on an unofficial PVE server. We can explore all the maps, tame/breed/bosses without any issues (and no pillars). And we can bring in our kids to play on the server without having to worry about the toxic chat on officials. Most of us have 2500 hours or so logged and have been playing since it first came out in EA. We tried officials, PVP, PVE, and a ton of different mods. We figured out what we liked about the game and set it up for us. In our case all clustered official maps on a custom built machine, 2x XP, harvesting, taming, 10x baby maturation, a few of Eco's deco mods and slower hair growth. Gives us plenty to explore without shooting directly to the end game like some of the other servers we tried. And I think that is what attracts a lot of players to Unofficial PVPVE. We get to tweak the game to suite our needs. Some people like to build, some explore, and some fight dinos. WildCard gave us the tools to make it what we want. Some people may like the official PVP style, but a large chunk of the population isn't interested in it, and its not that we played it wrong, its we don't like it or doesn't suite our needs. And most of us love other PVP games.
  8. Will we need to use a command to spawn the colored dinos on unofficial servers?
  9. Lucian

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    Lots of unofficial servers set it to PVP even though we play on them as PVE. That keeps a lot of settings from being weird like flyer carry, cave building, drops, and some others. It also allows us to have PVP events without having to do a bunch of jumping through hoops. I have 6 that I run that way and I know several other server owners that do the same.
  10. They talked about it a couple weeks ago on Reddit. That's not really silence.
  11. Lucian

    advice for a wildcard

    From your post it sounds like you haven't been playing all that long. They use to do that, guess what happened? The PLAYERS were the ones that told WC to not publish a roadmap. Players got so wound up about things on the roadmap that had not been implemented in what they considered a timely fashion that they were openly hostile. Never mind the fact that they implemented player suggestions, content changes and fixes. A loud section of the community told them that they didn't want that information. Also, WC has implemented a TON of ideas from the community, and consistently asked for feedback for major changes. Not sure if you haven't been around long enough to see, or just one of the players that thinks that because their pet suggestion didn't get implemented think that they don't listen. Just because you suggest something doesn't make it a good idea for the game. Listening doesn't mean that they will implement any particular suggestion, and in some cases implementing player suggestions would actually be the wrong choice. Take the turret changes for example. There were a substantial number of players who were openly hostile to any changes. It didn't matter to those players that there were technical considerations that made it a necessity to change. They whined and complained on the forums for weeks about the changes, instead of trying to understand why. WC was completely transparent about the technical details and gave us exact numbers. If they had listened to the players who were complaining the server performance would be severely degraded. In fact, WC did listen to the players and implemented a community suggestion in the form of heavy turrets. So that leaves me wondering. Why you think they need to do something that they have already been doing?
  12. #2 is coming in Extinction with the cryochamber. Jen talked about it in the livestream. As long as you keep it powered the dino's don't degrade.
  13. The point of the mod program is to get high quality mods for Ark. They *pay* the sponsored mod authors to develop the mods as long as they are working on it and they are hitting their goals. Its always been about a partnership with the modders. They talk about it in the announcement. I know its not what the people on console want to hear, but the mods have always been a huge part of Ark. They are not going to abandon such a large part of the community just because some platforms don't support mods. Unfortunately, that's a thing with consoles, and has been since I have been gaming. To be honest, the quality of mods jumped tremendously once they started the program. Over the years I have had several issues due to the mods running on my servers. Much less so with the sponsored mods.
  14. Lucian

    Is Ark dying ?

    Thanks. I was just about to post the link to the charts myself. Its amazing how many times this topic comes up over the years. The numbers dropped rapidly about a month ago then settled down. You know what happened? Conan launched and lots of people went and played it. It happened when Fallout 4 came out, when Conan had its EA launch, and several other times. Some people go play another game for a while. I took a six month break myself. As far as the forums go, the game is more mature so the forums drop.
  15. Lucian

    Any tips/ideas for interior design?

    TLC 138 has a good video on some interior tips and tricks. A lot of his builds are fully fleshed out inside as well.