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  1. Lucian

    Building system buggy all of a sudden??

    its always been a thing if you are not careful with snap points and supports. Pillars are notorious for this if you snap them to each other It also happens a lot if you snap walls coming down from ceilings, then destroy the support for the ceiling.
  2. Lucian

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Merry Christmas!
  3. Lucian

    Is the new kibble system implemented yet?

    Official or Unofficial it doesn't matter. Crafting and required kibble is map based.
  4. Lucian

    What a Weak Christmas Event

    Seriously OP, quit being so entitled. Raptor Claus is a great Christmas event on its own. We got some new mechanics with Gacha Claus this year. Rate changes are NOT required for any event, they are just a bonus.
  5. Lucian

    Where do Dino’s go if you disconnect mid game?

    Check the top of the sky and the surrounding area as well. I once found a pteranodon a month later because it landed somewhere unexpected.
  6. The problem is, people don't even look at what we have here. There is a post talking about the very things you are claiming that they don't communicate on here. It's the very first post at the top of the Extinction general forum. The easy to use, and more importantly easy to see communication platform will get used the most. Twitter, reddit and such have phone apps which makes it easy to see when you get tagged, and are visible even on your "off hours". Aggregating it back to the forum I think is less important when we have the tracker.
  7. The dev tracker and the Ark reddit have been around since before we had the official forums. The dev tracker has always been the best way to see what the devs are saying. There are too many ways for communication to happen with the various platforms.
  8. I love it too! Made putting in some deco stuff that needed to line up just right much easier.
  9. OP, you might want to read the dev tracker: https://arkdevtracker.com. It aggregates the developers responses. They have been communicating plenty frequently, just not where you have been looking. The lead programmer Chris has been responding to Reddit posts about bugs.
  10. Lucian

    Leedsichthys sink parked boats?

    There are tons of ways to defend against them. Water dinos, turrets, shallow water, etc. Leeds make the deep water dangerous which was something that was needed. Before it was too easy to have a raft base that couldn't be touched. Now you need to think of defending it just like any other base.
  11. Sounds like a regular wyvern to me. I have this same problem leading them on SE or Rag.
  12. Lucian

    cryopods -cryofreezers

    But you do have a reason. The cryoed dinos get an XP bonus while frozen.
  13. Lucian

    cryopods -cryofreezers

    Cryosickness prevents some really nasty PVP scenarios. I think it's a good step that it was considered and implemented in such a way that you can get your dinos out, but prevent the pvp spam that would have happened. It does require a bit of planning on what you want to use if you cryoed everything.
  14. Lucian

    The devs just killed Ark!

    I get amused when I see this argument. It hasn’t lost half it’s player base unless you are cherry picking the data. When you look at the whole chart for Ark it has been remarkably consistent over the years. Ark has up and downs as people come in and out or people switch games. But dying? The data has never supported that. Go take a look at the charts for Conan Exiles or No Man’s Sky to see what it looks like when a player base leaves. Games had a super high peak, then fell off the map. Ark has been in the top 10 on steam for years.
  15. Lucian

    The devs just killed Ark!

    Yet somehow we just hit an all time player record.