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  1. WildCard spent 5 months working on it with the mod dev. If you had played the Mod version you could tell the difference. The mod was really rough and the official version is much smoother.
  2. Its a game streaming service. (shadow.tech) The best way to think of it is as a gaming PC in the cloud. I have been playing ARK for a couple of years now using either GForce Now or Shadow and it works really good.
  3. Speaking as a big console gamer, it's probably better to invest in a gaming PC, or a service like Shadow. Console games are not known for great mod support since mods are 1) third party and 2) would have to go through the console certification process.
  4. Event mechanics that are meaningful. The dodorex, bone alphas, and bone dinos during fear evolved. The season map changes on the island. The auto spawning graveyards, scarecrows and pumpkins during fear evolved. The carving/painting pumpkins and eggs. The Dino bones hunt from Arkology. The colder winter wonderland event
  5. I like the idea of it being in city / ob terminals & drops MP like the replicator. Not really a fan of the fab as it doesn't really fit.
  6. Or just tame some hespornis, no wyverns required. Or mutton tame them. Kibble isn’t required to get a griffin that is good enough to get eggs easy.
  7. I run a server plugin on our cluster that shows all the wild Dino’s on the map. I tested this and tamed Unicorns DO block spawns as long as they are on the server. If you cryopod them or transfer them they no longer block the spawns. You can test it yourself by installing the plugin on a server then tame/cryopod/transfer and look at the wild Dino’s https://github.com/ark-mod/ArkBot
  8. If they are not high enough they don’t teleport
  9. its always been a thing if you are not careful with snap points and supports. Pillars are notorious for this if you snap them to each other It also happens a lot if you snap walls coming down from ceilings, then destroy the support for the ceiling.
  10. Official or Unofficial it doesn't matter. Crafting and required kibble is map based.
  11. Seriously OP, quit being so entitled. Raptor Claus is a great Christmas event on its own. We got some new mechanics with Gacha Claus this year. Rate changes are NOT required for any event, they are just a bonus.
  12. Check the top of the sky and the surrounding area as well. I once found a pteranodon a month later because it landed somewhere unexpected.
  13. The problem is, people don't even look at what we have here. There is a post talking about the very things you are claiming that they don't communicate on here. It's the very first post at the top of the Extinction general forum. The easy to use, and more importantly easy to see communication platform will get used the most. Twitter, reddit and such have phone apps which makes it easy to see when you get tagged, and are visible even on your "off hours". Aggregating it back to the forum I think is less important when we have the tracker.
  14. The dev tracker and the Ark reddit have been around since before we had the official forums. The dev tracker has always been the best way to see what the devs are saying. There are too many ways for communication to happen with the various platforms.
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