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  1. Hello Everyone -Are you looking to play another server? -Well then come join Starlight PvP! Servers Main Rates -3 Man / No Alliances -15x Rates All Around -Dino Buffs - (Spino, Velo, Etc) -Dino Nerfs - (Carchar, Etc) -Turret Cap - 125 -Dino Cap - 750 -5x Weight & 95% Reduction Servers Main Features -Shop System -Quest System -Tribe Sync Cross Maps -Tribe Score Leaderboard -Tons Of Events -Experienced Developer -50+ Cave Edits -Weapon Balance Edits -Follow Community Feedback If All This Sounds Good Make Sure To Join The Starlight Network Also You Can Apply For Staff Or If Your A Content Creator Feel Free To Apply For The CC Role And Receive Free Perks (We Will Also Be Launching A ASA Server On Release Of It) Discord: discord.gg/RAwdB3pXNs
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