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  1. Enter Alleria, a group of islands filled with ancient history, magic, mysteries, and danger. A place where darkness looms in the shadows and threatens to consume all that is good in the world. Join a realm where you can build a kingdom or join an established one. Become a humble tavern owner, or be a Cleric and guard the people of the world against the Fractured, the broken souls looking to consume the isles with darkness. Immersive yourself in a world where you write your own destiny, and shape the world around you with every decision you make. As you emerge on the beach in our starter kingdom, you’ll get to customize your character to be any race you like, set up your bank account, pick your jobs and professions, and receive your starter items before venturing into the world to make your mark in our history books. Where will your journey take you? Join our super friendly community created by admins who've become friends through their love and passion of RP. Slightly boosted 4 maps (valguero, crystal isles, Lost Island, Ragnarok) Cosplay Evolved mod Creature mods Custom mod designed to add cool features specifically for our server Immersive taming Plenty of decor and cooking/farming mods Check out our website for more info https://allerianisles.wixsite.com/allerianisles Discord https://discord.gg/R5RCzYrucq
  2. [PC STEAM] [PvPvE] [RP] [LOST ISLAND] Enter Dillyrium, a place full of mystery, magic, wonder, and danger. Inhabitants of the island all have one thing in common: none of them were born here and were seemingly sucked from their former lives, but for what purpose? While many have memories of their former lives, some do not. Former lives do not matter here, as there’s no escaping from Dillyrium. Once it’s captured a survivor, they are forever a part of the island. The Order of the Crimson moon is the only group that seems to have a semblance of knowledge, but who are they? They are as mysterious as the island, and don’t tend to give straight answers. What will you do with your new life? Live as a peaceful farmer, or rise to power and begin your own kingdom? Perhaps you wish to escape the kingdoms and politics and live as a criminal in the badlands. The choice is yours! Join us in Dillyrium, and discover your fate! https://discord.gg/vv8MRPM5Ya Modded Server Create kingdoms/towns Form a criminal organization Crafting Professions Rp Professions Active admins Magic system Events Full working economy Xp: 2x Taming: Immersive taming 5x Harvesting: 3x Egg hatching: 6x Baby Mature: 5x Mating: 4x Stack Size increases
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