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  1. On 1/17/2022 at 12:25 AM, GrumpyBear said:

    ovis have always been this way, birthing on ground works better than on foundations and some people would birth on top of ramps in the past.   There are places on some maps where the ground doesn't meet where the textures are viewed at.  This creates places where you could probably see these babies, even if they went down into the floor a bit.


    IF you birth out in the open, you can flip to K mode viewing and look under the ground for them too.

    no i mean they disappear before landing i see them in the air but then buff disappear.

  2. On 1/10/2022 at 7:44 PM, invincibleqc said:

    No, he's referring to overflown mutation counters. Basically, if you keep doubling the mutation counters over and over, they will eventually overflow because, being signed 32 bits integers, they cannot store larger than 231 - 1. Doing so effectively allow for double the chance of getting new mutations because a negative number is < 20 and therefore pass the internal checks for both patrilineal and matrilineal sides, etc.

    yeah my friend who have been mutated whit this exact same male said i can just tame bunch of low level females and look for mutation whit like incubator or 2k binoculars but i feel like im not getting any mutations

  3. On 1/7/2022 at 3:14 AM, wizard03 said:

    Trust me, you can. But it takes time and is a bit of a pain.
    Take the one with the best melee and then breed it till the offspring comes out in the sex you want with that melee. Then breed it with the rex that has the best health. Once you get an offspring with both the melee and health, try to get another of the opposite sex to establish the base line. Do not imprint, do not include mutations.

    Once you have a base line set, you can start to breed specifically for mutations now. Again, do not imprint any of the baby dinos.

    Kill off the ones with bad mutations or no mutations, keep the ones with extra points in health or melee.

    Once you are happy with the statistics, do one more breed run and this time you can do the imprints of the final product. This will give your rex's that last bit of oomph to their health and melee stats before you will have to depend on leveling them up for any further improvements. 


    Good luck!

    Okey i have another problem well i got killed and all rexes died but my friend gave me tek rex which have negative mutations on other side but now i got one mutation but now both parents side have negative mutations so does this affect to chance to get mutation and if so how i can fix this


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