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  1. no i mean they disappear before landing i see them in the air but then buff disappear.
  2. yeah my friend who have been mutated whit this exact same male said i can just tame bunch of low level females and look for mutation whit like incubator or 2k binoculars but i feel like im not getting any mutations
  3. nope like level 43 or something just like ovis for farming
  4. i've tried on metal foundation and just in the land and island server settings what do you want to know about them
  5. Somebody help why my baby gachas and baby ovis keep disappearing they dont go through floor or anything when they pop out i can see them like 0.001 sec in the air but then they disappear???
  6. Okey i have another problem well i got killed and all rexes died but my friend gave me tek rex which have negative mutations on other side but now i got one mutation but now both parents side have negative mutations so does this affect to chance to get mutation and if so how i can fix this
  7. @L4D2i have watched that video i know how to mutate but i cant get baseline like same level male and female(s) is it just rng or do i do something wrong?
  8. Hi im trying to start mutate tek rexes i have only question do i need 3 wild tek rexes to make base line i cant get identical stats
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