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  1. Wildcard should be held responsible for players lost tames due to anti-mesh. They have the power to fix the bug in the first place. If you aren’t going to fix the issue the bare minimum compensation to the loyal player should be a reimbursed tame/kit.. I play on HC and recently lost 2 kits to the Ragnarok Ice queen cave ending waterfall. You go to leave and end up losing everything you worked for. This issue is 2 years old by this point and is well noted on discussion boards abroad. I lost 2 gigas, 2 manas, 2 thylos and several high level flak/fur armor pieces thanks to this dreaded waterfall that you NEED to complete in order to fight a boss. Adding insult to injury Hardcore players then need to grind excessively to get their player back to the original level we were at.
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