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    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Sorry, I know what you mean, I am just kinda sick of ppl complaining about everything. Too much updates? "Why do you update so often?" Few updates "Please update this crap!" Didn´t mean to be rude, just wanted to make a funny reply I played over 2.5K hours, believe me, I know this company, perhaps that is why I am kinda relaxed now when it comes to updates and ETAs. And I played subnautica the last week, just started to play ARK again after a longer break. Just relax, don´t mind eagles walking in the air (hilarious btw^^) and enjoy the game Yeah I know, I am just more relaxed these days, had a week off, no pressure and some other games to play and wildcard acting strange is nothing new to me But I understand that it suxx if you want to play, sorry.
  2. ElMariachi2004

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    why don´t you send them your weekly schedule plan so that they can plan their updates accordingly?
  3. ElMariachi2004


    I can confirm: only one wild at a time, but once tamed a new one will spawn on ragnarok.
  4. ElMariachi2004

    Most Creative Dino Names

    Sharkira - not my original idea but by far my favorite