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  1. ElMariachi2004

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Sorry, I know what you mean, I am just kinda sick of ppl complaining about everything. Too much updates? "Why do you update so often?" Few updates "Please update this crap!" Didn´t mean to be rude, just wanted to make a funny reply I played over 2.5K hours, believe me, I know this company, perhaps that is why I am kinda relaxed now when it comes to updates and ETAs. And I played subnautica the last week, just started to play ARK again after a longer break. Just relax, don´t mind eagles walking in the air (hilarious btw^^) and enjoy the game Yeah I know, I am just more relaxed these days, had a week off, no pressure and some other games to play and wildcard acting strange is nothing new to me But I understand that it suxx if you want to play, sorry.
  2. ElMariachi2004

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    why don´t you send them your weekly schedule plan so that they can plan their updates accordingly?
  3. ElMariachi2004


    I can confirm: only one wild at a time, but once tamed a new one will spawn on ragnarok.
  4. ElMariachi2004

    Giga starve taming on Ragnarok PS4

    as far as I know dinos don´t starve unless they are tranqued. so it won´t help just letting him sit in the trap for days.
  5. ElMariachi2004

    Cool Ruins Spot with words on the walls

    yeah that place is amazing! There are so so many adorable places on this map, it´s my all time favorite! I can´t wait to see it finished. What impresses my the most is the love for details, it never feels generic, every item evey rock or tree seems to be there for a reason, amazing! Keep up the great work!
  6. ElMariachi2004

    Most Creative Dino Names

    Sharkira - not my original idea but by far my favorite