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  1. True but it would just be much easier to have that system in place because the system is already in place for taming creatures. But I do agree with the method
  2. I believe that aberration is hard the first time I think extinction just takes longer to defeat the bosses and to actually start out on extinction it's hard to survive anywhere except the forest and the city and not including the fact that defeating the hardest orbital loot drops are basically impossible solo
  3. Even though there already is a system where you can track your taming in prosses creatures I think that there should be a similar system with tamed creatures and you can activate this and then deactivate if you don't need it. I think this would help with finding creatures that either disappear to lag or when you just forget where you put them.
  4. I think it is been long enough time that I think they should get rid of the line that connects to any electrical devices.
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