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  1. Hello to all. I'm on the path to going after a boss on The Island in single player for the first time and I was wondering how many times can I open a portal from an Obelisk? Like if I open it once, do I have to go and find the required artifacts again to open it again or do I get an infinite amount of tries? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  2. Actually it's working now. Looks like I had to have them wandering after all lol thank you for your assistance, mate.
  3. Hmm. I didn't see that being required in a YouTube video I watched not too long ago, but I'll try it out. Thank You.
  4. Well. I'll keep that in mind for future reference lol thank you very much. Unfortunately a month has passed since I saw this and I made a new game later that day haha
  5. Hello all. I'm trying to get two Argentavis to mate and give me an egg. Now, I've already ensured they're both opposite sex and have enabled mating, but they're just standing there doing nothing. I'll also note that I'm playing on the Xbox in single player. Any ideas why the hell they ain't getting it on like Catholic rabbits? Thank you for any assistance.
  6. Hello. So, there I am playing Ark on single player (cause I'm brand new to it, I want to explore the game at my own pace, and I don't have the time or patience to deal with randoms who are tryhards and trolls on servers) and I find myself stuck in the crevice of several large rocks with nothing on me to use at all, nor any resources to craft, and I just love how at this time it looks like my only solution is to wait about a couple hours real-time to starve to death (sarcasm). Is there any reason whatsoever that for the last four years of this games release, the devs never once considered the necessity for coming up with a button to unstuck players when they get stuck in things like a crevice with no way out? It's practically like being stuck under the map. It just seems redonkulous that this sort of thing hasn't been conceived by anyone in all these years. And before the comments flow in, I'll just get one likely comment out of the way from some PC troll so we can move on to serious comments: "WhY dOn'T yOU jUsT qUiT thE GamE tHeN yoU nOob? Or HaVe fRieNdS tO plAy wITh?"
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