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  1. Yep my temps go nuts but other tnan that the game is pretty buttery
  2. Thanks for the help. I mixed your settings and your mods with somr other goides and got a pretty good experience so far. Now the grind for an industrial forge begins.
  3. Who exactly cares what the official settings are. The point is having fun. If having fun means i want 300 lvl dinos then so be it
  4. Im on pc so i can always lower my settings. Im fine with it looking worse for the price of better fps. But for now with a smaller base and a couple of dinos i can run it pretty high and pretty smooth so im good.
  5. So today i wanted to use the NoFoundationsRequired=true s+ setting in ark. So i opened my gameusersettings (shootergame/saved/config/windowsnoeditor) (im playing on singleplayer), added the [Structures Plus] header at the bottom of the list then right below that the NoFoundationsRequired=true line. Saved the file, cheked that it isnt read only and loaded up the game. Doesnt work. For example forges and mortars still cant be placed with no foundations. I also tried to use the setting that allows you to pull water with no source(forgot the exact name) and it still didnt work. The only thing i've managed to get working is upping the crafting speed of mortars.
  6. Its not. I looked it up and saw i needed to add OvverideOfiicialDifficulty=6 (difficulty times 30 is the max level dino so 6x30=180)in my gameusersettings.ini and then in game use the command destroywilddinos to kill all the old low level dinos then after about 10 minutes the world is full with max lvl 180 dinos. I tried it and it worked.
  7. Another question. Ive seen a lot of youtubers have max level 180 dinos. How do i get that?
  8. Well actually today i bouth the game and played a little 1080p with epic mixed with high and medium ran pretty smooth with the occasional stutter
  9. Well it is going to be my fist proper singleplayer playtrough and i know the game is difficult so i'd like it to be easier.
  10. What are some good singleplayer settings for a beginner player.
  11. Hi. I was just wondering if ARK will run good and consistent on my pc (and on which settings) My rig is Ryzen 5 1400, Rtx 2060 Super, 16gb RAM, Win 10 pro.
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