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  1. Thanks!! It's all working now. Server, mods, map, and old saves. Thank you soo much for all your help!!!!
  2. !!!!! This is Progress!!! it boots and closes properly!!! So far my theory is my SteamCMD was old and corrupted cuz the new one put down WAY more dll files into the Win64 folder. Next step: adding in the 28 mods... wish me luck.
  3. I tried that already with no luck . Next thing I wanna try is get a fresh download of SteamCMD(mine is from 2018) clear off the SSD and reinstall SteamCMD on it. Then test it with only the map(if that works) then mods, then move over the old server save and if ALL that works!?! I will rejoice by making a bunch of Ark beer, getting drunk, and taming a Tek Giga! I'll let you know if it works.
  4. Mine is a little different steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 376030 +quit
  5. Yes I do make sure to shut down the server (though I still have to force close it) before doing my edits and I makes sure I save. I just noticed that it's reverting the 127 back to 70 in the GUS.ini yet all my mod edits remain the same. Hmmm... also this is a side by side of the map mod folder like you have comparing my 2 servers My working one is the same as yours.
  6. I had the mods laid out on the same line separated by commas, like on the command line. I may experiment with putting them all on their own line but I might be on to 2 potential causes of my issue. When I ran the server with just the map mod I noticed the folder for Olympus had more files in it on the working server than on the SteamCMD server. I copied the missing files over and noticed it reverted back after failing to launch the map... The other thing I noticed is what ever amount I put down for the MaxPlayer number it would always appear as 70. I tried writing 127 in the
  7. Tried it.. It was looking a little more promising this time, as Steam seem to take longer on the mod part of booting the server, but still the same problem. Next chance I get I wanna try booting the server with only the map as the active mod just to see if that does anything.
  8. Tried booting up my old Ragnarok server.. It started just fine under the same ports and my friend was able to join. But when I switched out the info with the Olympus map it goes back to being unjoinable and "Shooter Entry".
  9. Ok I removed -game from the command line and added my port number (which I had in ini). All ports are opened except for port + 1 which I'm working on opening now.
  10. Tried making mine similar. Not sure what is and isn't important... this is what I got The server also won't close properly (CTRL + C) I have to force close it. Sorry for all the mods. I know they're a bit much.
  11. This is the command line for my working server not running through SteamCMD.
  12. That's what did for my first attempt. Same issue...
  13. Sorry, I didn't see the Xbox part. I'm on PC trying to run a dedicated server.
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