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  1. COUGH COUGH 50% of ark creatures (giga, tape, deino, utah, araneo, titanosaur, leed, purlovia, do i really need to continue?) r miss-sized COUGH COUGH
  2. cmon, at least it gives a reminder tuso exists. also what wrong wit da beetles?
  3. i mean no offense to the creator of this concept, but there's this one ark hatz concept that would go beautifully in aside from an upgrade from quetz. it has a very bate like concept, tho it would probably conflict with desmodus now. it looked a lot like a great leonopteryx
  4. am i sensing some casual geographic ways of explaining?
  5. maybe it could have a toss mechanic or ragdoll sort of thing, grapples the opponent, and then shakes them around from a bit, having to maintain a lil bar (u have to stay in the middle of it) and once ur down, u can lean into one side of the bar and yeet the victim aside. and it can also rouse clouds of dust and/or sand to take cover in. along with that, ppl can be punished by using enough elemental attacks or special status effects attacks (like shock, fire, or poison blasts, but excluding all effects caused by aoe attacks) in the way that it will sort of create an aoe of damage that deal some knock back, and shortly after, it goes into a rage mode sort of like an odogaron, where it gets faster in speed and attack speed, and gains a shortrange deafening shriek for enemys that are close (think gurgal from wakfu or godzilla earth), which stun the dino for a bit and make things harder to hear (no kicking off of ride tho)
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