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  1. Ummm dilophosaurus could grow up to 3 meters in height while t rex 3.5
  2. Yes dilo was above t rex it wasn't even too much smaller just half a meter
  3. -Please do not remove kapros and pegos from the game just make them neutral and also pls make meganeura and titanomyrma more powerful and tamable also shoulder mounts -Make parasaur and iguanodon bigger than t rex and also stronger and make them omnivorous just like the way they were in reality -Make dilo ridable bigger and as powerful as rex with bit less health than rex but bit more damage than rex -Delete apes from ark 2 completley -Make griffins more powerful in ark 2 and bigger because if griffins were made just they way that they really are they would be immortal but make them at least have 4 times more health and damage also make them at least bit more than twice as big -phoenix same as griffin
  4. This is an agressive creature that wonders at the high mountains and cliffs they appear in gangs of 3-5 STATS Health:325 Stamina:350 Food:4500 Damage: -Bite does 36 damage -jump kick does 68 damage and blinds you -Roar does 10 damage and makes you bleed out of your eyes also it stuns you off your mount and you can't move Oxygen:150 Weight:328 Torpor:1900 SADDLE: -Lvl 26 -Materials needed: •320 Hide •280 Fiber •15 Raw metal •20 Oil •5 Crystal •65 Keratin/Chitin BEHAVIOUR: -Agressive •Agro is 10 meters ABILITIES: -Toxin: •All attacks are poisonous •Resistant to poison and bleed •50% immune to torpor rise •20%immune to projectiles •weaken by beer by 5% TAMING: -Passive -Foods to feed to tame prime meat |25| 5:36 prime fish |32| 8:38 Bio Toxin |4| 10:39 MORE ABOUT THE CREATURE: -This creature in ark 2 will be about 3m tall and 7m long so similar to ark 1 parasaur which i hope gets more op
  5. CERATOSAURUS Ceratosaurus is a small ridable carnivore that is a passive tame and they are neutral creatures and good early game tames but they are bad at fighting they are more of a transport mount but still they are stronger than a player IRRITATOR Is a small combat mount a bit stronger than a raptor but very usefull cuz they do so much damage same as carno while having maybe 250 health TORVOSAURUS Is same as spino in family of megalosaurids but this creature can challenge even the spino or giga because of its bleed it can kill a player with just one bite and if player has strong armor just bleeds to death cuz nothing is immune to torvosaurus's bleed JAEKELOPTERUS Jaekelopterus is a species of eurypterids they are also ridable and tamable they are bigger and more tanky that arthropleura also jaekelopterus is 50% immune to any damage and fully immune to debuffs or bleed poison... also they can pick up smaller creatures and inflict somethig called potent toxin they do that with spike on its upper tail and it does damage rapidly 1 by 1 until it reaches 1500 but to get rid of the effect you need to drink lesser antidote or milk or get effect from anomalocaris the bless of sea arthropod
  6. yes dilo is in fact much stronger than t rex people are just underestimating it
  7. SHANTUNGOSAURUS This creature is ridiculously overpowered if ark1 stats are the same in ark 2 this creature will have about same as giga if not then less or more it depends also this creature is omnivorous like all ornithopods and it's really hard to tame but once you tame it you don't need to be afraid of anything its agression is docile same as paracer and doedicurus VALIBONAVENATRIX So this is a bit bigger version of baryonyx and also this creature can pick things up in its mouth and chew on them just like its distant relative megalosaurus also valibonavenatrix can hit their target with their tail and stun them but unlike bary it can also do it on land and when falling from heights FALCARIUS This is a omnivorous therizinosaurid and it is very fast and ridable it has many attacks and it mainly lives in desserts and tropical forests it is agressive towards smaller creatures than it but even though human is smaller and weaker than this creature falcarius is neutral towards them also falcarius takes 30% less fall damage KAYENTAPUS Is a dilophosaurid that is bigger than rex and faster special thing about them is that ofc they are stronger than rex but special thing is their roar its doesn't stun or scare things away or buff but it does high damage it gives heart attack to anything smaller,same size or about 2 meters longer or taller than it heart attack freezes you in place and rapidly drains health ISISAURUS This is a giant bronto it can kill things just by walking not just sprinting but walking too also it is faster than bronto and it is also agressive to big carnivores also if it feels endangered it also attacks creatures that make it feel like that AMARGATITANIS Do not ne confused with amargasaurus however this creature is over twice as big as amaragasaurus and it's bit smaller than bronto but it has bigger knockback and it has more attacks
  8. well it would be more dangerous to players than bosses as you cannot bring them in boss fights and they have really low health maybe bit more than utahraptor
  9. SINORNIS Is a prehistoric woodpecker when thid creature is on wandering it harvests wood from nerby trees slowly but it can collect more wood from trees than any other creature just slowly and it also gets chitin from trees because of bugs that are hiding inside of them also these creatures are passivley tamed with chitin and they spawn in new biome called High Red woods which has high mountains and trees tall enough to dwarf all the other creatures and also they cannot be chopped in the canopy there are sinornis nests also sinornis is shouldermount that is used like a parachute but they only move downwards when ok your shoulders EUROPEJARA This isn't a ridable creature it is tamable but you'll be lucky to have it these creatures are so hard to tame because you need to dodge their attacks then when it gets tired you need to act fast and feed it fish meat and they need a lot of it these creatures are also agressive the reason you need to dodge their attacks is because they make literal tornados that can kill you easily cuz they do 5 times more damage than your health that being said they do 500 damage those tornados if you manage to survive them blind you until you die and also drain all your stamina and respawn also these tornados knock you out of your mount LAOPHIS This is a poisonous snake that has some weird side effects there isn't a way to survive a bite from them if you or your tame has 2000 health which is op and also they do high torpor potent enough to put t rex on sleep but it does it slowly and these creatures can be put on tranq mode they are ridable but they are hard to tame you need to kill a boss to tame them cuz they eat element but next creature is completley immune to it LESOTHOSAURUS Like i said they are immune to venom also these creatures hunt Laophis also they can blind with their scratch kick which is their main attack they also have a screatch that makes your creatures immune to any debuffs or lethal effects for 6 minutes they are ridable too EORAPTOR This creature is even more ridiculously overpowered these creatures can do the powerdash so powerful to demobilize anything also they are super fast and strong
  10. There are new types of creatures that are called abyssal they are twice as big and twice as strong but twice as hard to tame Diplocaulus change the diplocaulus should be bit smaller but stronger so it's not ridable anymore but stronger and it can knock out many creatures with its really strong head also they aren't passive anymore Leedsichthys change it should be also stronger and bit smaller tamable and ridable they should have twice more health like all creatures bit smaller and closer to its real size because of abyssal creatures Dilophosaurus,Parasaurolophus and iguanodon change all 3 are too small and to weak so they should be bigger dilophosaurus and iguanodon having same health as rex while Parasaurolophus being twice as strong also dilo is ridable and all 3 are obviously tamable Mesopithecus,dinopithecus change smaller no attacks and weaker ...
  11. This is ridable tamable parrot for ark 2 and its great so think that all saddles are going to be unlocked at same lvl as in ark 1 so these saddle requirements and stats are baised on ark 1 STATS: Health:280 Stamina:400 Oxygen:200 Food:3624 Speed:100% Damage: Bite does 27 damage Dash does 87 damage Weight:175 Torpor:800 Saddle: Lvl 44 Materials for saddle 80 Chitin/Keratin 375 hide 420 fiber 15 metal ingot TAMING: -Passive tame FOODS TO TAME AND TIME |×|=number of needed item: Veggies 2:30 |3| Prime meat 3:00 |6| Berries 8:00 |85| Raw and cooked meat 10:00 |10| Spoiled meat 18:00 |186| Fish and prime fish 28:00 |235| AGRESSION:Defencive (same as pegomastax) HABITAT:Forests,Near Caves CAN PICKUP:All shoulder pets,Moschops,Lystro,Raptor,pachycephalosaurus CAN BE PICKED UP BY:× CAN BE STOPPED BY:× CAN DAMAGE:All structures because of its strong beak AGROS ON:× DIET:OMNIVOROUS TRANSPORT:Running,walking,flying STATUS:Tamable,Ridable COMMON NAME: GIANT PARROT REAL NAME:HERACLES ATTACKED BY:× SPEED COMPARED TO PTERANODON:1.3 times faster -FOR ALL DEVICES IN ARK 2 AND ALL MAPS IF ARK 2 HAS MULTIPLE MAPS
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