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  1. Here are the latest details on Raven Crown Tower, my server I'm starting The idea is the base is built we share resources and amenities and hunt for artifacts and tames, then eventually raid bosses, maybe even go PVP together. I'm a new admin so I'm just learning but I think it would be a fun server concept.
  2. Would you like to start a character on a server where carry weights are a joke, you can immediately move into a giant castle and the whole point is fighting the as overpowered as we can make them nasties outside our awesome machine gun covered walls? Then look no further Than Raven Crown Tower on Ragnarok. I'm currently looking for people (Also currently working on a Gen2) who dont really have the patience for tedious running of water line (cause I already did it) and are interested in the finer, killier parts of life. Theres a whole museum we can put your favorite kills! Pv
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