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  1. Thanks! I do think that egg incubation would be a good idea for the Moa. I'll be sure to add them!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I agree with your ideas, so i'll be sure to add them to the Moa.
  3. Moa - The King of the Forest Introduction: Hello everyone! My creature suggestion for the upcoming Fjordur map is - drum-roll please - the Moa! I would like the Moa to be added to ARK because it is a unique creature, and I'd like New Zealand (My country) to get some recognition for its amazing animals it produced in those 90 million years it was separated from the rest of the world! Dossier: Common Name: Moa Species: Dinornis praegrandis Time: Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Curious Wild: When wandering around the forests, you may just encounter the gigantic Dinornis praegrandis. A very curious creature, it seems to find humans and their tames a very interesting sight, walking right up to them without a care in the world! However, they are known to be killed for their meat, which is better than the cut from Ovis! The only thing that seems to save them is their incredible speed, running almost as fast as the Gallimimus. But, this is not the only thing that defends them. If attacked by survivors and survivors only, they will defend themselves by kicking and pecking at the attacker, before fleeing. If it were not for these things, I'm sure Moa would be a rare sight! Domesticated: Taming Dinoris praegrandis may seem like a tedious task, but it is well worth the wait. The Moa’s incredible speed makes them a good travel mount, and, if caught in a pinch, I've seen survivors use the predators' hunger for food against them. Because of the Moa’s delectable meat, carnivores will run after them instead of humans! A strange thing survivors can do is store rocks and minerals inside of their stomach, such as stone, metal and obsidian for almost no weight at all! And finally, the Moa’s fluff. Moa feathers help keep them - and of course you - warm. Without the Moa, I'm sure I would not survive one night on this frigid island! Utility: With all that out of the way, let's get into the utility uses for the Moa. As the dossier says, it will provide a storage place in its stomach for these resources: Stone Flint Metal Obsidian Whilst in it’s stomach, these resources will have a weight reduction by 75%. When needed, it can regurgitate them up at your command and no one else's, meaning raiders won’t be able to find your valuables! Another use for it is taming and traveling. Moa is not as fast as the Galimimus, but has a much tighter turn radius than it. It will certainly will make it easier to traverse the maps, being able to get from place to place relatively quickly. Now on the taming side of things, you’ll be able to shoot weapons from its back, meaning you can run away from the creature you're trying to tame. Coupled with its speed, you can use this to knock out your desired creature and tame it. Also, being close to Moa gives heat to the player, like the Kairuku, but with more effectiveness at the cost of having less range. It can also act as a live incubator, and help hatch eggs for you. Their sharp talons allow them to excel at gathering organic polymer and thatch. They have a booming call, which attracts high level carnivores, and other Moa of the opposite gender. And finally, the Moa’s incredible meat. The meat they drop, vedure meat, has more taming effectiveness than Raw mutton, but gives more food, resulting in a slower tame. Due to their incredible meat, carnivores will chase after the moa rather than the survivor. Meaning, if in a pinch, whistling the Moa around will save you from an angry Rex or hungry Giga. Combat: The Moa is not the greatest in combat, but with levels in health and melee it can be a relatively decent combat mount. It has two attacks. The primary attack is a claw swipe. This attack is used for combat and harvesting. In combat, it causes average damage, but gives a bleed effect to the target. In harvesting, it is used to gather organic polymer and thatch. The secondary attack is a bite. Doing practically no damage, the bite is only used for harvesting berries. And finally, it can be used as a war mount, allowing survivors to use weapons from the back of the Moa. Taming: Taming the Moa is not easy. Though it is a passive tame, and the fact that it follows the player, and that you tame it with berries, it can take hours to tame. But, the time it takes to tame the Moa is far outweighed by the usefulness of the creature. Conclusion: I hope you like my suggestion for the creature vote for the Fjordur map! Please feel free to put your suggestions for the Moa in the comments! Thank you and have a wonderful day! Gallery: Top picture: https://docplayer.net/191471697-What-happened-to-the-moa-ned-barraud.html Middle picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broad-billed_moa 2nd middle: http://www.sci-news.com/paleontology/science-diet-moa-01431.html Bottom picture: https://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/upland-moa Find out about the real Moa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moa Thanks to not21dropper and roy3100 for some of the ideas!
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