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  1. I have 1500 hours between win 10 and Xbox GT is Longtimell and discord is longtimell#8727
  2. I’m 16 can do anything for 1500 hours on the game between WIN 10 and Xbox just looking for a chill tribe doesn’t matter if you’re built up but please be experienced
  3. I’m good at pvp grind whenever I can have 1300 hours I’m 16 lost my official 95 character though if you are interested HMU at gt: Longtimell discord: longtimell#8727
  4. Are you looking for a Official Small Tribes server experience but you simply aren't able to build up? Well than Kinda Official is the server for you! We are a 5x 6man server we started it because we were sick and tired of being constantly raided by a mega tribe as soon ay you build up that wont happen on Kinda Official as we wipe every 3 months giving everybody the opportunity to build up and become alpha. Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/ku9hvsyq
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