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  1. hi help stuck on gen 2 and can't transfer back to my main base on SE. When I hit my server in the list, and then join with survivor, nothing happens. absolutely nothing, except then I can't hit cancel either.
  2. I've had my main base on SE for over a month and really love the non-lagginess (although it does have it's moments, and the server I was on was down for almost 16 hours at the start of this current event, but I'm trying to forget that ever happened). It's fun because it's challenging and nostalgic because it was my first DLC map, but there are some things I wish I would have considered before making SE my home; - Meat farming is lack luster (not a lot of clusters of Dinos, everything is kind of spread out so it feels like it takes longer to meat farm) - wind storms are for the birds (just not yours, you won't be able to get anywhere without extreme difficulty) - you will be HOT a lot and your base will require tons of AC's BUT if you seriously can't stand the constant game freezes, and the tons of ". . . . ... .. " *in world chat, than SE is your map!
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