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  1. then wildcard can make their own forum/community. seriously, you are not blaming them even tho they robbed u with gen2, jus to have crystalisles servers roll back 15min min 3x a day and for flyers to glitch after running out of stam? cmon, grow up. they wanna enforce that crap, they can program it themselves.
  2. also, we gonna be starting from a scratch, i dont even care for being tribe lead so if ure down for it, go for it.. but remember, since we're gonna mostly start from a scratch, its also ur work that gets lost too
  3. im even okay with teaching u but im not okay insubordination. i get it, you made a mistake, but if i told u not to do it, and u did it anyway, then i'll automatically kick u. https://discord.gg/jP4K56dH bonus points if ur character looks like some version of michael jackson
  4. added u, i got raided as a trio on official pvp, but i still got my crops and traps. how many pvp hrs u got?
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