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  1. Nothing OP here. Low to mid tier tames with basic abilities are great additions to the game too (such as maewing, stego, deinonychus, thyla, dire wolf, ravager, etc). It doesn't have to have insane abilities to be good and more importantly: useful. With that being said I realize a new creature will need a little something to be popular with the community, so here is my suggestion with what I think are good, but not over the top, traits that this suggestion could have. I think a Ceratosaurus with the following traits would a great addition to the game: -It would of course have a regular bite attack. -Like Iguanadon, it would be able to run without draining stamina. -Have a ram stun attack like Triceratops. The headbutt wouldn't need to have such a long wind up like the Triceratops and would also primarily deal torpor, a decent amount. This ability should have a short cool down and would drain stamina. -If a tamed Cerato lands the charge attack, for 30 seconds, deal increased damage (dino and rider). This would not stack, and could not reset the timer even if you were to land another during that time. 30 seconds at a time after cool down, essentially. -Allow weapons to be used on the back. The main importance of this creature is that it would fill the niche roll that the Carno is meant to fill, but because it useless, does not. So make the saddle unlockable around the same level as the Carno. It should also be around the same size as the Carno, maybe a tad smaller. If the Cerato were to have a small vertical hop and a decent base weight stat, as well as be a decent swimmer (some paleontologist argue fish were on their menu), there wouldn't be another dinosaur like it as far as transport and utility goes. I believe even late-game players would still enjoy and use a creature like this (though they may not need it anymore) due to it's superiority as a quick and diverse land mount. One comparison is the Thyla. Once you're late game, you don't really need to use the Thyla anymore, but because it is fun, quick, and easy to get around on, many late-game players still use the Thyla for basic transport for things like choring or seeking out new tames. As far as spawning goes, I think of the Therizino. Reason being, IRL due to Cerato not being the apex predator of the late N. American Jurassic and it being smaller than the Allosaurus and Torvosaurus, it is thought perhaps they didn't directly compete with the larger carnivores in the open plains hunting large prey often, but instead stuck to the foliage to avoid the larger carnivores and hunt smaller prey. When I think about Therizinos spawning, I think about the jungles on The Island or the jungle above Viking Bay on Rag. This densely packed foliage leads to the infamous surprise attack from the tickle chicken. I believe the Cerato would suit a similar spawn mechanic perfectly while also suiting biomes such as the redwoods and swamp, mirroring therizino spawns further. Solo spawn. With taming, due to its own ability to deal torpor, it requires a proportionally large amount of tranq arrows or darts to knock out for its size. No head shots. Design wise, I believe the design in this popular dossier nails the look of the Ark dino design and would go in the game seamlessly. So creds to the original creator. However, disregard this dossier's description. I know nothing about this suggestion is insane, but that's the point, it's not meant to be over the top. I know a lot of people who aren't into this game because of the dinos don't want another theropod. However, after the Yuty was added, the Cerato was the most requested dino for a long time in years past, especially when the focus was still primarily on dinosaurs. So I think it has a shot and deserves it. I believe this creature would prove to be useful and would be an early to mid-game tame comparable to thylas and baryonyx, which everyone adores. Thank you.
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