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  1. I know it probably would've still been added anyway, but adding it during the submissions and all of that was a bad call, since they knew the same creature was part of a rigged submission even if that submission didn't effect the outcome. The problem with sino's usage is that it gets slowly worse the farther you progress into the game, as the abilities start to came into play less, unlike the Otter or Noglin, where their abilities are universally good no matter how far into the game you are.
  2. Same with Minecraft, people actually have a reason to be upset. If the vote was perfectly normal, nothing bad happen to create controversy, and no one ruined the vote for everyone else, then there wouldn't be a reason to be upset. However, we can never have good things in life, so instead, people decide to ruin everything for everyone else, just to get what they want in a game. It happened with both minecraft and ark for the same exact reason.
  3. While I don't hate the sino as much as I previously did, it think everything else on the top 10 would've been more useful than sino I'd done right. Pegos, icthys, and micros are a problem? Sure they are earlygame, but sino becomes much less useful once you gain access to Rex, Spino, Yuty, Theri, Bronto, Paracer, Megatherium, Rock Drake, Wyvern, Crab, Reaper, Magmasaur, Rock Golem, or the other dozen creatures that the three pests don't aggro to (pego still aggros to them but the dinos mentioned are too tall for pego to steal anything from you.) The main reason people (or at least me) are mad about sino being chosen by Wildcard is that they knew the creature had a rigged vote from the start, but for some reason still thought "hey, I bet the community would love this creature to be added". The final vote and even some unofficial votes proved that people didn't want sino as much, and Carcharo reigned supreme. However, wildcard knew the vote was rigged, knew adding sino would cause even more controversy, knew not adding carcharo would add more controversy on top of that, pretty much ignored the rest of the top 10, and went straight for sino. They had so many other options. They could've picked something that wasn't even in the top 10, but they picked the most hated creature out of the whole submissions.
  4. I'm gonna be honest, people just aren't creative. There's so much more you could do with any theropod that would make it different from the others, let alone Carcharo.
  5. Exactly. People hate carcharo for no reason. They hate it so much that when you state your opinion that you don't like sino, they instantly go "SaLtY cHaRcHaR fAn" and it's annoying as hell. You say you want carcharo in the game, and all you get is "another theropod", "another large carnivore", "rex clone", "better allo", "giga clone", or the other billion quotes of nonsense enough to fill an "encyclopedia of carcharo hate". Too many theropods? Sure, we have a lot of theropods, but that's where the bullcrap kicks in. Another theropod? Garbage. Another flyer? Awesome. Are you kidding me? Flyers have dominated the game even after the speed nerf, and there are 8 varients of the wyvern alone. Not only that, but we have more shoulder pets than theropods. Heck, there's more shoulder pets than omnivores. And carcharo brings lack of veriety while sino doesn't? I've also heard people say we have so many theropods that carcharo couldn't be given a unique ability. It's not hard to think of one unless you're not creative, and many people have done it before. Take Garuga's Ark Additions, where 3 theropods are added, all with unique abilities. Enough carcharo talk, people don't realize it's less about wanting carcharo and more about not wanting sino. Very little people wanted sino, but it got released anyway. The majority of the people don't like it, the rest call everyone whiny little babies just because they aren't upset with the creature. That makes so little sense to me. It's like Microraptor fans insulting everyone for not liking Microraptor. The majority of the people would've preferred anything else on the vote, but sino got added. To me, it's about the missed potential of this creature, and less about "this specific creature didn't get added, I'm upset". Me and a bunch of other people would have rather had anything else in the top 10, even if sino is somewhat decent. But every time we try and state our opinion, people call us whining pieces of crap, and I just don't get it.
  6. 18th? Name a carnivore capable of efficiently fighting more than 4 bosses, have good health (over 1000 base) and attack (over 60 base), and not dlc exclusive. I'll wait.
  7. That's what I want. Adding as many creatures from the top 10 into the game as possible so the next vote is fresh with new ideas.
  8. A second vote will be done later this year, meaning carcharo's chances are high unless someone pulls a Sinomacrops again.
  9. Tbh if you compare what sino does to what carcharo would do makes the (another theropod) quote I've heard so many times it's actually rediculous, not really make sense. Say Carcharo is similar to a rex in size, so it doesn't reach giga limits and can enter boss arenas. Here would be all of boss fighting combat dinos that can be used in at least 5 bosses: Carcharo Rex Spino Theri Shadowmane We can also see all of the Apex theropods in the game: Rex Spino Yuty Carcharo Then you compare that to the amount of shoulder pets in the game. Meso Micro Pego Sino Ferox Noglin Dimorph Light Pets Jerboa Otter Compy Vulture Duck Ichthyornis While carcharo might not bring much versatility compared to others, do we really need another shoulder pet, let alone one with influence from a youtuber?
  10. I'm not seeing people salty that carcharo didn't win. It's that Sinomacrops got chosen, which a lot of people didn't want.
  11. Than we have Inostran, Livyatan, Tanystropheus, Bison, or literally anything that isn't another near useless shoulder pet only in the game because of youtuber influence.
  12. A glider suit with a Megatherium buff and some stun crap that only works on small creatures. Just because some youtuber got his fans to vote for it. Instead of literally any other creature in the top 10, you know, the ones that had ABSOLUTELY NO BIAS OR ADVERTISING. I always thought Sinomacrops was gonna be useless if it were added, and I wasn't wrong.
  13. Also Rex for red osd and bossfights, and Giga for purple osd, alpha genesis missions, and titan battles. Carcharo with good stats and bleed could have use in most of these, but with extra uses in pvp.
  14. Didn't know that actually. My friend used one with 60k health in a purple osd (we didn't know how difficult they were at the time). The giga got destroyed, but it didn't rage, so it must be way more difficult.
  15. Those destroy tek, not disable it. Titanosaur can't destroy tek. If you look at the dossier, it functions nothing like the other monkeys.
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