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  1. Was thinking this could be molded into an ark version of deviljho from monster hunter, which is a large theropod like monster that could pick up and throw smaller monsters with it's jaws. When it was originally discovered it was identified as a megalosaurus (which was later changed) and on the wiki it is cited at being able likely pick up great amount of weight with just it's jaw. So this would ultimately come out sort of like a giant megalosaurus that can pick up medium sized creatures (and maybe throwing), made possible by it's large head and ability to lift heavy things with it's jaws. This
  2. Can confirm this too, just tamed a 150 ferox and it remained that level after taming
  3. Recently tamed 3 void wyrms and upon each tame they all didn't gain any level from taming efficiency, which while not 100% was still much greater than 0 and the icon even showed that there would be levels included
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