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  1. Wow, dude was just trying to start a discussion and already said it was his opinion. Someone must have hurt you as a child or you are a child
  2. All depends on what kind of time you have. Dino settings should be left alone, and player setting, I would say up your weight. Mainly it is choice though. Do you like easy or difficult?
  3. Always save when you get to a new map right away
  4. Have to agree with guy above me, Dlc for Ark is a whole new experience, it may be a mess of a game, BUT it is one hell of a fun ride.
  5. The thing that sucks is that Ark is so unique, and nothing compares. I am pretty close to my end point. I am finishing up the dox mod, then I feel like nothing is left. It depresses the hell out of me because I truly love this game. So I feel you my friend
  6. You can up the amount of items you can transfer in the ini. I have mine at 110
  7. Sorry bro, 2 horrible weeks trying to figure this exact same thing. But Ark is poop with optimization, ecspessialy on Gen 2 PC steam singleplayer
  8. 900hrs 4-6 Abberation About 9 months ago No pvp, but favorite tame is Bloodstalker
  9. Remember loot drops? All primitive, they will fix
  10. No idea, but I can say from experience that ark does not run great on external.
  11. Hell is a crerature?
  12. Solo is a blast, this game is either you want PVP, you need social interaction so you choose PVE, but if you want to experience the actual game and then solo is the way. Dead honest, I had 0 interest in this game for years, then gamepass got it. I was HEAVILY into rust, but I had to wait for a wipe that was 3 days away. This was months ago, singleplayer ark took over 1200 hours of my life and I am so thankful for it. Trust me, solo will be alot of fun.
  13. How can I even understand what your asking?
  14. Can anyone test to see if they can fish normal on Steam? From a chair, bench, or pelagornis. Then let me know
  15. Anyone? Anyone else have this happen?
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