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  1. Noticed today looking into taming a Tek Stryder that there are many missions missing from my server's mission log. It's the same across all members on our unofficial PC server on Xbox. We can only see the following; Choose Your Own Adventure, Circuit Chase, Code Red, Downriver Run, Life Support, Slide and Glide, Slipstream Sweep, Star Dolphin, Starwing Strike, Survive the ARK, and Team Downriver Run. I've seen other players have the full mission list on youtube videos and guides. Not sure if this is only an Xbox issue. A level 150 Tek Stryder requires 51 missions. Unsure if redoing
  2. Also worth noting that we are unsure whether or not this would affect a tame with a rider on it. If it would, it would most likely kill your tame as well. If you start teleporting upon entering a port hole, abort and just go to one of the main tunnels instead until this is patched.
  3. I was traveling to the astral biome from the Eden through the small port holes on the supports on the map. At first my tribe and I were able to travel through these without issue before some of them would be teleported backwards a significant distance and preventing them from entering. At first, we thought maybe we were boosting too fast and slowed down (to walk speed) and still this would happen. We thought maybe it was that specific port hole, but several of them would cause this and only to 90% of our tribe. Some members were able to get through just fine. This would just be a slight in
  4. My tribemate and I spent an hour each taming level 150 astrodelphis in the astral biome last night and once tamed their food bar would endlessly decline. When we first tamed them we cryopodded them and brought them home, after unpodding them their hunger was reduced to 0 and would constantly eat. Once the filled back up again they seemed to be fine, and their food bar seemed to decrease at a normal level. However, it would occur again where both the Astrodelphis would begin to eat endlessly. I'm talking 4k food going down to 0 in minutes or sometimes instantly. They would eat hund
  5. Yes! My tribemate and I tamed 2 Astrodelphis yesterday. Immediately their hunger bar plummeted after we pulled them out of a cryopod. (Unsure if it was depleted before hand or not. Not sure if it is caused by the cryopod.) After they filled up to 100% food it seemed to be fine with it depleting at a normal-ish level (still a little fast). When we got off for the night with our troughs completely full of meat, we got on the next morning (6 hours later) and both of them had starved to death in our tribe log. I've seen reports saying that the tek saddle prevents this but I don't know if t
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