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  1. I do agree that some of the dinos act as filler. Rather than doing away with some of the original dinos, however, we could also suggest a revamp on the way some of the dinos work. Then weed out the ones that really can't do anything. For example: I recall someone on the forum mentioned something interesting about giving the Smilodon a pounce abiliity, accompanied by some sort of stalking ability that can make a sabertooth rider harder to see/hear. If you attack without the dino seeing you, you can deal massive damage to your enemy. Something like that would be fun to use, IMO. In reg
  2. As a side note, I wanted to add that I did take some of these ideas from the Ark Additions Mod that was released a while back. If you see any similarities you know why.
  3. Looking to start up a clean discussion on what changes could be made to the dinos to make them even cooler, fun to play as. Below are just some ideas of what I'd like to see in the next game. Hoping that Wildcard can scale up the Rex and Spino to match their sizes , but to where it's inch for inch; it's more over Spino>Giga>Rex. Even make them at strong enough to challenge a Giga. Apex Land Carnivores Dinos included are: Rex, Spino and Giga Imposing - Dinos here have an AOE that prevents smaller wild predators from attacking their owners as long as the player is within a ce
  4. I think it would be nice to see the Rex and the Spino upgraded from how they were from the first game to being toe-to-toe with the Giga interms of strength, but have like different archtypes for them. And size them up to where they're still smaller than the giga, but the difference wouldn't be too obvious at first.
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