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  1. All fixed for me. My saves are back. Well done in sorting the issue. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again
  2. oh no!!! it’s the first time in all my years of playing games that an update wipes data off the save files...
  3. Fingers crossed here, I saved in base on bed last night and it’s all gone this morning. hopefully it can be fixed if there are a lot of us with the same issue??
  4. Hi all. I am new to this Forum so apologies if there is an answer somewhere but I’ve been unable to find anything concrete or if I have posted in the wrong place. I have played Ark in single player on my Xbox 1 since last august on the island and also on valguero. The latest update of the game 05.00 this morning has deleted all my save data off my Xbox, the characters are there but I am assuming nothing else as it’s asking me to choose a respawn spot, (which I didn’t do) so I turned it off. I have spent months building and taming in survival, no cheating and to think I have
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