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  1. 3 weeks in a row with no breeding event, and an even crapier harvesting/taming event! It wouldn't be so bad if there was some new colors to go after, or different dinos to tame, but come on man.. we've freaken tamed everything that we want. Now we want to focus on breeding! Wow, just wow. Man I can't wait for Icarus to go live in November. I'll be more than happy to leave this game and NEVER look back. You guys are pathetic.
  2. unfortunately the only and best way is to transfer dust. You can't transfer shards or hard element between servers. You could turn all your element into tek ceilings or other tek stuff that you need and transfer the tek items, but that's really all.
  3. Screw you WC. Take your "half-baked" stupid EVO event and well... you can guess the rest! Breeding is the only thing people want, so yea it makes sense that you wouldn't want to give it to us.
  4. I would love to see an option for tribes to be able to put stuff in ark data for other tribemates to retrieve. It would work just like regular ark data, but it would be for anyone in the same tribe to remove.
  5. Well this is crap. lost count how many times the gen 2 server I was playing on crashed today. Every gen 2 server is player maxed, and every square inch (including many of the quest terminals) have been pillared. To make matters worse they drop an unscheduled maintenance on us and say it will only be down for 15 minutes, 2 hours later and the servers are still down! nice job WC *sigh*
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